Sunday, March 4, 2012

Annalise at 2 and 3/4

I'm a few weeks late with Annie's update too, but oh well.

I was too quick to post the "it's over" post about Lovey.  She asked for him at bedtime the very next night, and I fetched him from her memory box on the top shelf of a closet.  They've been inseparable again ever since.  I expect over the next several months, she'll forget about him for awhile, then remember him and want to hold him a lot, then forget again.  For all I care, she can keep him on her bed until she's 18.  We just hope she's done taking him places by the time she starts preschool this fall.  Obviously, she won't be allowed to take him to preschool whether she wants to or not.
Beginning last Friday, she sleeps in a pull-up and wears underpants the rest of the time.  She's done very well, with only a handful of accidents in the first few days.  I'm very happy to not be changing those nasty diapers on her anymore, and she's very pleased with herself too.
I love the cute way she talks.  It occurred to me that before long, she'll talk like a big kid like Delaney, and I'll forget the adorable way she tells me after I help her put on a jacket, "Don't forget to zwip it."  So I took a video of her today, just for the purpose of posting it here.  I always want to be able to see how she talked as an almost-three-year-old.

She doesn't eat much on most days.  She still acts like we're trying to poison her.  I estimate her daily intake of food to be about 50 to 100 calories.  Yet she lives, she poops, and has cheeks that "I want to squish like pizza dough!"  I don't know how she doesn't shrivel up, she and her sister both.  A few weeks ago, she surprised me by eating two big helpings of my chili.  She must be eating every now and then and storing it away in her little body for weeks at a time.

You know what this kid loves more than anything?  Sleep.  She sleeps about 11 hours every night, and takes at least a two-hour nap every afternoon from 1 to 3.  I am very inflexible about that nap.  I dread being invited somewhere important for between the hours of 12 and 2 (which almost never happens, anyway).  I really, really weigh the importance of whatever it is against her need to nap.  I feel a selfish sort of resentment toward whomever issued the invitation, like, Ugh!  Don't their kids nap?  People need to respect the sacredness of the nap!  If it's an event that starts at 3, I can plan for an early nap.  If it starts at 11, I can maybe plan a late nap.  You wouldn't believe the mental gymnastics I go through to try to plan the day around her.  Timmy will catch a nap whenever he can, but if Annie misses her afternoon siesta, everyone's afternoon is shot. 
Annie and I were both needing a nap in this picture.  But since it was our own event we were missing naps for, I had no one to resent for it.:)
She loves books, and she likes for me to point to the words as I'm reading them.  

She still competes with her sister for everything, and that will probably never stop.  Once, I asked the two of them to get the mail for me, and then immediately regretted it as I watched the two of them sprint to the end of the driveway, shrieking like banshees.  I hoped I wouldn't have to pull someone, probably Delaney, out of the ditch at the edge of our yard.  Annie is offended whenever Delaney gets somewhere before she does, or gets anything she wants.  She might not even want it until she knows Delaney wants it.  I didn't breathe until I watched them both running back to me, having divvied up the mail to their satisfaction.

She asserts her independence one minute, with loud proclamations of "I can do it by myself!"  and the next, she clings to me, begging for help with things I know she can do alone.  

She can pedal her tricycle around the driveway now, but her legs are too long for it.  I guess somebody's getting a brand-spankin'-new bike for her birthday this year.

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