Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Natural face wash

A few weeks ago, I read about a completely natural and cheap way to wash my face, called the oil-cleansing method.  Yes, it means using oil and only oil to wash your face.  I had already tried and failed at another homemade face wash involving oils years ago.  But this was so easy, I couldn't resist giving it a shot.  It's only two ingredients -- castor oil and extra-virgin olive oil.

As anyone who knows me knows, I am about as crunchy as a Quaker granola bar left out in the sun all afternoon.  I have some crunchy ideas floating around sometimes, but I am also undoubtedly a lover of things packaged and sweet-smelling.  For instance, three years ago while pregnant with Annie, I took an interest in green cleaning and took a workshop.  My biggest takeaway from that workshop was that perfumes and dyes are the devil.  We gave up dryer sheets cold turkey.  Our clothes never smelled clean and always felt rough, but that was OK, I told Tim.  It's better for us all.

About five or six months ago, I couldn't take anymore of the roughness of the clothes.  I bought Bounce dryer sheets in the white box.  They were free of perfumes and dyes, but still left our clothes feeling soft.  I thought it was a nice compromise.

Then last month we went to Cincinnati, and while we were there, I did a couple loads of laundry at my mom's house.  With a little bit of hesitation, I tossed in one of the only dryer sheets she had.  Regular Bounce in the orange box.  Just one time won't hurt.  But as soon as I caught a whiff of our drying clothes, I was like that recovering fish-addict shark in Finding Nemo who, upon catching the scent of blood in the water, proclaimed, " I'm having fish tonight!"

I bought my own box of Bounce in the orange box as soon as we got back here, and now I am rewarded multiple times a week for my hard work with the wonderful smell of clean laundry wafting through the house.  Tim is relieved too, that his clothes feel and smell clean.

I am crunchy when it's convenient and cheap.  Anyone who believes in a natural, organic way of life would be ashamed to be associated with me in any way.  That's a lot of people I know.  Gulp.

Having said that, I have been washing my face with this homemade concoction of half castor oil and half EVOO for several weeks now, and my skin is clear and smoother than ever.  To be honest, my skin was clear before I started this regimen, but it wasn't nearly as soft and it was kind of dry.  Success!

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