Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yesterday was a very bad night around here.  If I had known yesterday what was coming when Tim got home from work, I would have .. I don't know, maybe poured a glass of wine, and hidden in the bathroom with the shower on.

When he got home around 3 -- a little earlier than a normal workday, but it was his first real day back at work since returning from deployment -- Delaney and I were outside to give him a cheerful greeting.  But his face was as white as his truck and he said, "I don't feel good."  Then he went inside, went to the bathroom, came out with his cammies and boots still on, and laid down on the La-z-boy recliner.

He told me that he had been feeling sick all afternoon, and throwing up at work.  As he was telling me this, I started to hear coughing and retching from the girls' room.  It was Annie!   Thus started a night of sickness the likes of which has never been seen in this family.

Annie threw up again and again, and every time I gave her anything to drink, up it went.  I gave her a bath after each of the first two times, and then finally gave up on baths.  I draped a vinyl shower curtain liner over the couch, then laid some towels on top, and then laid her on top.  I held her hair and said, "Poor Annie," while she puked in a pot.

Every time Tim got up I hoped maybe he was feeling better.  I made a little fun of him, calling him an invalid.  But when he laid down on the floor with a blanket over his head, groaning, that ended my feeble attempts at joking.  He rose off the floor only to throw up, and after awhile there was nothing left in his stomach, and he still kept going.

It was everywhere.  I looked around in a panic, wondering what I should deal with first, after the sick child -- carpet, bedding, clothes?

When I wasn't rinsing out the puke pot or tossing more soiled clothes in the washer, I was sharing my misery on Facebook with anyone who cared.

I took Delaney and Timmy to the store with me and we got some nausea supplies -- crackers, ginger ale, popsicles and orange sherbet, per Tim's request.  Thankfully, the three of us were spared whatever nasty bug brought on this Barfageddon.  Delaney was sick for a few hours a couple nights ago, throwing up twice during the night.  Tim thinks her sickness was unrelated to his and Annie's.  But a friend just brought it to my attention that the sicknesses could very well be related.  In fact, she's seen one person catch a bug, a couple days later, another one in the household gets it, and then a day or two later someone else.  She suggested I load up on probiotics, and I just took an acidophilus tablet.  For sweet Timmy, breastmilk is his only defense.  Now we wait and pray.  My prayer goes like this: "Please, God, let this horrible sickness be done with our house.  And if it's not, please let me be sick three times over if only Timmy doesn't get it."

Tim finally started to feel better around 9, and went to bed.  I tucked Annie in at almost 11, before collapsing on the couch myself.  I wanted to be close enough to hear her if she needed me.

Tim was well enough, although still achy and sore, to go to work in the morning.  Annie woke up her normal self, and after one bout with the runs, she was fine the rest of the day.  I really hope we've seen the last of this (at least for a long, long time)!
All better today!

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