Monday, February 27, 2012

Cincinnati trip and double baptism

A couple weeks ago we took our first big trip as a family of five.  We went to Cincinnati to spend a few days with my family and have the joint baptism of Timmy and his cousin John Paul.  It was a 14-hour drive there, and a 13-hour one back.  We stayed downtown again, in the same hotel as when we all went for Christmas a couple years ago.  Again, we had two bedrooms, a living room and kitchen for under $100 a night.  The mattress was saggy and there was no continental breakfast, Starbucks coffee or USA Today.  Still,  for the money, we couldn't complain.  We like staying downtown with all the noise and the people and things to look at.  We are not normally city people.

Highlights of the week included a trip to the Children's Museum, the Aquarium, shopping at a real mall, a fun grownups-only dinner out with my brother Scotty and his wife Faith, and of course the baptism and party.
Timmy, 6 months, and John Paul, 4 months
Delaney and Annie having fun with Miles, 5, in the ball room at the Children's Museum
Walking to Bruegger's Bagels for lunch -- about a half-mile from the hotel
Fun at the hotel while I was catching an extra hour or two of sleep
Mom and Dad watched the kids for us one night, and I snapped this picture with my phone when we got back.
Anna and Robert, Miles and John Paul
St. Rose Church
With the godparents, my sister Grace and brother Scotty
Scotty and Grace are John Paul's godparents as well.
As soon as we had all sat down in the pew for the baptism, Scotty said to Tim, Anna, Robert and me, "So if you guys  die, these are my boys!"
Timmy and Papaw
These pictures of Anna and Robert's cats must be included because they're funny, and I don't even like cats.
Having one of those days..
I commented on Anna's Shutterfly site, "That's exactly how I feel every morning!"  Tim commented, "You mean that's how you look!"  It's good to have him back. 

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