Sunday, March 25, 2012

Timmy at 8 months

When Timmy is happy I call him my 'Sunshine Boy.'  When he is smiling, life is good.  We all laugh when he laughs.  His sisters are giddy to hear his giggle.  But when he's in a bad mood, watch out.  His bad moods usually happen in the afternoon, and sometimes last until bedtime.  Either Tim or I will carry him on our back in the Ergo when he's having a bad time and doesn't want to be put down.  Sometimes he even complains in the Ergo, and to that we say, "Buddy, it's either this or bed, take your pick!"

I put him in the bathtub with Delaney and Annie for the first time this month.  I hadn't been planning on it, but it was the girls' bath time, and Timmy was up and about.  He kept heading for the bathtub, and seemed very determined to get in.  I decided it was easier just to put him in there than it was to have to keep fending him off.  The girls eagerly made space for him, and Annie promised to be "vewy gentle" with him.  Since that first time, I've done it a few more times.  Timmy gets so excited when he sees them in there.  If I'm holding him on my hip, he kicks his legs and lunges in the direction of the tub as if to say, "Me too, Mama, please..?"  It's hard to tell him no, even though the whole time he's in the bath with them I've got to divide my attention between washing them up and keeping him from flipping around and falling on his face in the water.  I still prefer separate bath times for him and the girls, but it does make me smile to see my three kiddos happy as they can be, together in the tub.
He doesn't laugh all that often, and when he does, we'll do about anything to hear it again.  One time after a meal, Delaney picked up the wet washcloth I'd used to clean him up, and lightly swung it into his face.  He laughed.  We all laughed.  Delaney did it again and again, and it was very funny.  At some point in the next day or two, Delaney picked up a wet washcloth while we were all sitting at the table, and said, "Can I smack him with it, Mama?"  I said, "Yes, gently," shaking my head.  I hope she doesn't go to school and tell everybody how she slaps her baby brother with a wet washcloth.  I guess that for him, the kiss of the cold wet fabric on his cheeks and chin must be a surprising and funny sensation.
He has begun to crawl, and after a few paces, he flops onto his belly and propels himself along using just his arms.  Imagine how strong our arms would all be if we did that all the time!  We are having to watch him more closely now, as he gets around fast, and wants everything that's NOT a toy.  Books and magazines are his favorite, and he'll chew the pages to a pulp if you don't catch him.  He pulled himself up to kneeling on the coffee table today, and I whisked him away from it before he could either figure out how to pull himself up all the way OR bang his face into the unforgiving wooden edge of it.  Yes, I know it's only a matter of time before he bumps into something and/or learns how to pull up on things.  Just not today.
He is still not sleeping through the night, and he gets up anywhere from one to three times on any given night.  I trek across the house to nurse him and I'm back in bed in about 7 minutes, but I am a grouchy mama bear on many mornings because of my interrupted slumber.  Tim has suggested that maybe it's time to give him some "tough love," but I don't feel quite ready yet.  With the girls, I just knew when it was time, and I have a feeling it will be time soon for young Timmy.  I've been brushing up on The Sleep Lady again, and I have a plan, but I'm not ready to commit to implementing it.  We'll see.  One of these days, I'll make up my mind.  Push might come to shove.

Here is a video of Timmy leading his siblings in a workout.  Warning: turn down the volume because my voice is LOUD.

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