Saturday, December 5, 2009


Tim thought I should bathe the two girls together tonight, and I didn't think it would be a good idea at all. He said, "Why not?" You're going to want them on the same routine anyway, right?" I said, "I'd like them on the same routine today, if possible." But the two of them in the tub together? That had me worried. It invoked visions of flailing limbs and tears. Tim talked me into it anyway, and I was glad I finally agreed, because it became the high point of the day.
I'd talked to Delaney about it beforehand, saying, "You and Sissy are going to take a bath together tonight, so you have to be careful around her, and share the toys, OK?" I reminded her of that a couple more times throughout the evening, and finally it was bathtime. Once I'd placed Annie in the tub with her, Delaney was very sweet and welcoming, handing her toys. But what about Annie, who's been so moody and unpredictable lately? She looked around smiling, her expression seeming to say, 'A bath with big sis? To what do I owe the honor?' Tim and I just stood back and watched. I was almost holding my breath because I couldn't believe it was going so well. Then, to our everlasting delight, we saw Annie's big grins turn into full-bellied chortles as she watched Delaney playing with a toy. Delaney couldn't believe it either, as you can see on the video. She keeps saying, "Annie says, 'ha ha ha.'" "Annie laughing!" She thinks I'm funny! We don't hear that laugh often, and it's only in response to me tickling her.
Tim and I kept looking at each other, like, aww.. It doesn't get any better than this!

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