Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A pair of jeans that fits -- an impossible dream?

Oh my goodness! We got home from the Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, VA, about an hour ago. We were there for four hours +, I've never seen so much denim in my life, and we came home with nothing!

I have been wishing for a nice, flattering, comfortable pair of jeans that are casual enough to be worn every day, but can be dressed up a little with nice boots and a top. All my jeans sag on my butt. They are not cute, they are raggedy. I have a hole in the knee of my Old Navy jeans that I bought a couple years ago, not because I really liked them, but because they'd do, and they were dirt-cheap. Well, they did their time. I won't even go into all the other pairs of jeans I have and hate for one reason or another. I have bought so many pairs of jeans in the last 15 years, and I don't think I've ever had even one good pair.

During our hour-long drive to the biggest mall around, I told Tim I would walk away today, rather than waste money on another pair of jeans that is less than perfect. I never in a million years thought that that's exactly what would happen!

I must have tried on 25 pairs of jeans, and looked at 100 more. I kept throwing them on and strutting out to show Tim. Uh-uh. Uh-uh. No way, get back in there!

I'm in a real conundrum. Whenever I shop in the "grownup" departments, or stores like the Gap, Express, Banana Republic, etc., they didn't carry anything small enough for me. Or maybe they were all sold out of them that day. Everything is too roomy. I know that I ought to be thanking my lucky stars for this, as a 30-year-old who's given birth twice, but I'm frustrated.

So the solution ought to be in the junior departments, or stores like American Eagle or Aeropostale, you'd think. Well, someone decided that all teenagers need to wear ultra low-rise jeans, that barely come up over the crack. These jeans hug me the way I want, but they are not meant to be worn while changing a diaper on the floor. Why can't any of them come up any higher? I want a pair of jeans that will not give me a muffin-top, is that too much to ask?

Tim thinks I ought to just suck it up and wear low-rise jeans because he thinks they flatter me, but I say, no way! I am not settling for jeans I'm not comfortable in, and I don't care what they look like.

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