Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Delaney at two years, five months

Here are some of Delaney's antics of the last month:

Once we decided to try a Saturday evening Mass in Stafford, a church we hadn't been to before. At this Mass, a server rang a bell during Consecration. Delaney couldn't contain her excitement. "You hear that?" she said to anyone who would listen. "You hear that?" Tim and I tried to shush her, and say "Yeah, we hear it" to no avail. "Ding! Ding!" she yelled, stomping her foot on the kneeler. Right on cue, the bell rang again, encouraging her to shout again, "Ding! Ding!" I bowed my head , appalled at myself for wanting to laugh even though I was embarrassed. The man on my other side whispered, "Maybe she'll be an altar server when she gets older." Tim told me later that his favorite part of being an altar boy was ringing the bell. It kept him awake, ha ha! I guess it's the cry room for us from now on.

I like to eavesdrop on Delaney's pretend games with her Little People. They are full of drama and lots of "Oh no!" and "Help me!" If you're playing with her, she likes for "Grandpa" and the little girl to go to the store. As the car drives away, you have to say, "Have a nice trip" or she'll prompt you. Then they'll come back from the store, and she'll happily do this again and again.

Speaking of Little People, Grandma Brady recently sent a Little People Nativity. It was a complete surprise when it arrived in the mail, and I don't know who was in a bigger hurry to open it, me or Delaney. I freed all the parts one by one from the wire and plastic, and handed them to her. Then we set it all up, and talked about who and what each figure was. After she went to bed that night, I decided to hide Baby Jesus until Christmas, to try to teach her about the meaning of Christmas. I thought Delaney would just forget about it, but she asks where he is all the time. Sometimes she'll say, "He's sleeping." Last night after I'd put her to bed, I looked at the windowsill where we keep the Nativity, and saw an interloping Little People girl, in Baby Jesus' empty spot. I said to Tim, "What's she doing in Baby Jesus' spot?" He said Delaney must have put her there because she misses Baby Jesus, and asks about him all the time.

At dinnertime, Delaney likes to do a lot more talking than eating. I don't remember what we were talking about one night, but Delaney got a kick out of something I said, and through her guffaws she said, "Mama's funny! Mama makes me yaff!"

Delaney's sentences are getting longer, and her pronunciation of words is getting clearer. There are still some things she says all the time that sound nothing like what they really are. For example, "Hung-inny" is "hair thingy." She pronounces her Ls as Ys. I feel like I just started noticing that in the past few weeks, but she must have been doing it all along.

Delaney hides under tables and behind furniture, then jumps out and says, "I found me!"

Toward the end of the month, the last couple days, she's been asking, "What time is it?" First thing in the morning today, I heard her yell it from her crib. Later, while we were out, she asked it. During dinner she asked too. I don't know where the fascination with knowing what time it is comes from, but it makes me even more glad Santa is bringing her her very own clock.

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