Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Christmas

Santa will be coming to our house tomorrow morning, since we'll be leaving for Cincinnati on Monday. So it's a white Christmas for us! The snow started last night at around 9.
This was the sight that greeted us out our front door at 7:15 this morning. Already about a foot of snow, and we heard on the news this was just the beginning.
Delaney's all dressed up and playing with her Nativity, while she waits for me to get ready and take her out.

Tim's already been shoveling for an hour or so, by the time we come outside. Look closely to see the snotcicle hanging from his nose.
Tim said to me, "Most dads build snowmen with their kids or take them sledding; I just put mine to work shoveling."
Shoveling is hard work. Time to play!
Delaney's climbing the "mountain."
She says, "I did it!"
I sense the fun is about to expire after Delaney dives down the mountain.
Looks like I'm right.
Back inside, Delaney has hot chocolate in her Dora cup, and pronounces it, "Dee-licious."
This is my favorite view of the snow -- from inside our warm house. You're our hero, Tim!

It is now 1:30, and Tim's already been outside again shoveling. It's days like this that have me thinking California, definitely California.

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