Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I got the girls' Christmas pictures done a couple weeks ago, and it was a little crazy. I took them to Sara's studio at her house down the street. If you remember, Sara's the one who took our family pictures at the park a couple months ago. She may not have had to walk two miles this time, but she worked just as hard!
I thought it was tricky getting pictures when it was just Delaney! Now there's Delaney and her little sis, and just getting them together in the frame was a challenge, since they seem to be in parallel universes. There's one series of pictures where, as you're clicking through, you see that they are taking turns either looking at the camera or looking down. 15 pictures in a row like that! Altogether, there were some 300 pictures and of that, only about 10 that were contenders for the Christmas card.
The one good thing is now that Delaney is 2, is I can now bribe her with candy to make her "pose." Last year I tried, but at 17 months old, she didn't understand incentives. Even now she has a short attention span, so the reward has to be immediate, not an hour or two later. So, pose for a few shots, get an M&M, pose for a few more. Maybe next year, I can tell her, "Be good for these pictures and I'll take you to the playhouse at McDonald's later." That way I won't have to keep handing her candy, and end up with a picture like this one:

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