Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter and Karen's visit

We had the best Easter we could expect to have with Tim not around.  Tim's sister Karen arrived Thursday afternoon and stayed until this Tuesday afternoon.  Goodbye is always hard.  We always feel bereft for a little while when a visit with a family member comes to an end.  It takes a few hours before we kind of shake it off and go back to normal.  Tim and I always talk about how this is one of the biggest sacrifices we make in our lifestyle -- not getting to spend much time with our extended families.  We miss out on a lot in Ohio and Massachusetts.  We wish we didn't have to be SO far away, and I'm on Facebook all the time looking for everybody's news and updates.  But visits when they happen are always great with lots of quality time packed into a few days, lots of laughs, and lots of good memories.  We were so glad to have Karen to spend the first few days of spring break and Easter with.

I'm sure that Karen is also missing these three little boogers of ours.  I know how much she loved being awakened at 7 a.m. sharp every morning by little feet pounding up the stairs and little voices calling, "Auntie Karen!  Auntie Karen!"  I know how much she appreciated the voices outside the bathroom door reminding her "If it's yellow let it mellow.."  (Delaney learned about that at school.)  I know for sure she misses the hours she spent with Delaney during nap time making sparkly unicorn sticker mosaics, building "habitats" for birds consisting of at least 30 pine cones on the back deck, playing Princess Memory, putting together puzzles, and making paper airplanes in all shapes and sizes with a name on each one (and that's just a few things -- Delaney is tireless).

Now we've got a visit from Grandpa coming up, and a visit from Grandma a couple weeks after that, and I've got a birthday party to plan.  More good times ahead!
Movie night.  We saw Monsters Inc.
Delaney is asking Timmy to share his ice cream at one of our favorite places, Cow Cafe.  That ice cream was so yummy after all those weeks of being sweets-deprived!
Skype call from Tim right after church, which would have been perfect except for Timmy fussing and crying for most of the conversation
These lamb cupcakes are not nearly as easy to make as they appear, but we had fun in the attempt!
Delaney's cupcake lamb looks scared, and with good reason.
My lamb was the most pathetic of all.  It didn't even have ears.  If not for Karen, it wouldn't have had eyes either.
The bubbles they got in their baskets were a huge hit.  They didn't even last two days.
And lastly, a video of cake-covered Timmy laughing.


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