Monday, March 25, 2013

Timmy at 20 months

Our baby boy is now 20 months old.  The past few weeks have seen more attempts at saying words, more disagreements with Annie, and a lot more of the behavior that says, 'Remember, Mama, I'm an individual with an agenda of my own!'

Somewhere along the way, Timmy figured out that when he shrugs his shoulders and smiles, people think it's cute.  He does it to me all the time because he knows I'll always laugh and say, "Don't you shrug your shoulders at me!"  His timing is always so perfect.  I'll be bustling around the kitchen while he's sitting at the table, and I'll say, "Are you hungry for lunch, Timmy?"  I'll turn around and see that little shrug and the twinkle in his eye.  "Don't you shrug your shoulders at me!"  No, really, keep doing it because it's adorable and I love it.
Timmy continues to grow longer and leaner.  I just cut the feet off his footie pajamas.  He didn't gain even an ounce between his 12- and 18-month appointments, but he grew three inches taller.  I just love his little physique, the way he stands so tall and straight, and how much longer his legs are starting to look.  I can't wait until it warms up enough to put him in shorts.  I've noticed lately what a great appetite he's had and how he's even more tired than usual at naptime and bedtime.  I think he's having a growth spurt.  This is the only picture I could find that shows his gangly little legs.  He's been in pants for the majority of the last month.
At least once every day, Timmy needs to take a break from playing for a cuddle.  Usually it's with me.  He'll whine and hold onto my legs until I sit down on the floor.  Then he'll turn around and have a seat on my lap and I'll wrap my arms around him, relishing the feel of that busy little body resting against mine and the sight of his cute little feet resting on the floor.  I might tell him in that goofy-sounding voice I use with my babies, "Oh Timmy, I love you so!  And I'm nevah, evah, evah gonna let you go!"  One time he picked big sis Delaney to take a cuddle break with, and it melted my heart, the two of them like that.  I ran for my camera to capture the magic.

I still nurse him three times a day.  I was hoping to nurse him through cold and flu season this year, and it looks like I've met my goal.  He was certainly a healthy specimen this winter, a lot healthier than some of the rest of us were at times.  Now it looks like we'll easily make it to age 2, which would be a lot longer than I nursed either of the girls.  The circumstances have been different with each of them.  I got pregnant with Annie when Delaney was only 13 months old, and three months later my milk dried up.  The summer after Annie turned one was very busy with traveling and moving.  Weaning was the easy and convenient thing to do, and I think I made it to just shy of 14 months with her.  With Timmy I'll probably be looking to wind down in the next few months, but there's really no urgency.  He doesn't walk up and lift my shirt any time or anywhere.  He's accustomed to only nursing in the glider rocker in his room, and only at specific times.  So as long as it's going well, we'll see how long it goes.
He and Annie fight constantly.  I usually yell at her to just give him whatever it is he wants.  This is how I see it: she always starts playing with something she knows he likes right in front of him, and she does it on purpose.  Although he may not have been playing with it before, he wants it when he sees Annie with it.  Then he starts to screech, and I start to yell at Annie, "Why do you always play with the things he likes right in front of him?"  And it's something she has no interest in, she just enjoys pushing his buttons.  So I make her give it to him, whatever it is.  I might be spoiling him, but I can't stand to hear that screeching.  It's like nails on a chalkboard and I'll do anything to make it stop.

Timmy's been getting into a bit of trouble in the nursery at the Y.  It seems after having to deal with big sisters at home, he is very enthusiastic about seeing kids who are smaller than he is.  At first I would hear, "Timmy loves the babies.  He's so nice to them."  That turned into, "Timmy keeps trying to pick up the babies.  We have to keep telling him not to do that."  From there it progressed to this morning when I walked in to pick him and Annie up after my workout, and saw him sitting alone on a chair facing the back door.  I said, "Aw, is Timmy in timeout?"  I actually didn't believe he was because he didn't look upset.  Pulling a chair over to the back door and looking out at the view outside seemed like something one of my kids might do.  You never know.  I was told by one of the women who work there, "Yes, he's in timeout because he knocked over the babies three times.  And he tried to wrestle this one," she said, indicating a red-haired baby boy on her hip who looked to be maybe 7 months old.  I was like, "Oh no!"  By now Timmy knew I was there and he got out of the chair and came running over to me.  I picked him up and brought him right back to that chair and said, "No, buddy, you've got to go back to timeout until they say you're done.  You can't be pushing the babies."  He started to cry, then came running back to me, and I put him back in the chair.  It hurt my heart to see him crying so hard but we've got to nip that behavior in the bud.  He'll get us kicked out of the nursery!  He stayed there and cried for a little while longer until the girl who put him there went to get him out.  I could see her having a little talk with him, probably about being gentle with the babies.  He was very subdued for a couple minutes after that, clinging onto me with a sad look on his face.  I admit the whole thing was a little distressing for me.  I haven't felt the need to put Timmy in timeout more than once or twice at home, and I still just think of him as a baby himself, mostly because he doesn't talk yet and that makes me think he doesn't understand things.  And of course at home, he doesn't have anyone smaller to pick on.  He's usually the one being picked on.  I definitely think the timeout was appropriate and I did my best to back them up on it.  (I don't even think it even felt like timeout to him until I walked in and didn't rescue him.)  I hope that made an impression on him, and maybe next time a warning will suffice.  Better yet, the next time he gets the urge to treat the babies like bowling pins, he'll go play with some cars or trains instead.

I don't want to end this update on that note so I will post a video of Timmy and I goofing around in the kitchen.  Alright, I tried to post it in two different browsers but it didn't work.  (What do I pay Google $2.49 a month for anyway!?)  I no longer know how to embed YouTube videos either.  Here is the link to the video in YouTube for any grandparents who want to see. 

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