Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day in the Life: Spring 2013

I'm joining Navigating the Mothership again for Day in the Life.  I really look forward to these.  I think one day I'll make them into a coffee table book.

Today is Friday, April 12.

6:00 a.m.  My alarm goes off and I grab my phone to shut it off.  Beside me Delaney stirs.  After the second time she came to me in the middle of the night complaining that she was scared because she'd had nightmares about spiders, I relented and allowed her to sleep with me.  I haven't had a kid in this bed in so long, I don't even know when.  It is impossible to sleep soundly when there's a kid in bed with me.  More than once I've had to push her back to her side, and from time to time I could feel her toes nudging my thighs.  This will NOT become a habit.

The upside of having her in bed with me is that this morning she hops out of bed immediately, gets dressed and makes her bed while I make mine, brush my teeth, and start my coffee.  Just yesterday I was still tickling her toes at 6:15 to try to get her out of bed.
She's already dressed and her bed is already made by 6:10 a.m.  I tell her her owls are upside down and she says, "I know.  I did it on purpose!"
6:15 a.m.  I start making the girls' breakfast.  This morning they both choose Dinosaur Egg oatmeal.  I give them their packets and their bowls so they can open them and pour them in themselves, and then count each dinosaur egg.  The more the better.  They always announce to me how many dinosaur eggs they have and I automatically say, "That's great, sweetie."  I start drinking my first cup of coffee.  There's nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning.  Love it.  Don't know what I'd do without it.
6:37 a.m.  They spend their extra minutes looking at our home videos before we leave for the bus stop.  Lately, looking at videos of themselves is one of their favorite things to do.  Then I fix Delaney's hair and we get ready to leave.
For some reason Annie wanted Delaney to put on her shoes for her and Delaney was happy to oblige.
6:53 a.m. We walk out the door and head down the street to the bus stop.  The bus arrives within two minutes and Delaney is disappointed because she and Annie didn't have much time to run around in circles and giggle with their stuffed animals.  I would have taken pictures but my neighbor would have been in the pictures and I didn't want him thinking I was a weirdo.  We set out for home, me carrying Delaney's stuffed elephant and Annie carrying her ladybug baby.  They can never leave the house without something.
Annie runs up to the porch, then comes back down saying, "Mama, I saw a bee on the porch... Mama, stop taking pictures!"  She's such a threenager.  I love the color of those bushes in springtime.  Fall and spring are the only time I like those bushes.
7:00 a.m.  I turn on Sesame Street, then get Bubba out of bed, nurse him, change him and bring him out.  One of the first things he does is grab that little yellow dump truck he loves so much.  It is really Annie's.  She did in fact ask for it and receive it for her third birthday.  Then she never thought about it again until Timmy discovered it and wanted to play with it all the time.  Suddenly it became very important to her.  They fought over it every day for about a week until I was ready to make it disappear forever.  Thankfully the fights are fewer and farther between now, but Annie is quick to remind us that the truck is hers and she's letting Timmy borrow it.  I am duly appreciative.  
He sees what's on and runs over yelling, "Elmo!  Elmo!"
7:15 a.m.  I pour a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for Timmy.  I'm out of ideas for his breakfast right now.  He hasn't been touching his eggs lately, and he does nothing with oatmeal besides rub it in his hair.  My breakfast is two eggs over easy and a granola bar.  Then I put on my workout clothes.  
Timmy finishes his Cheerios, I pour my coffee into a travel mug, and we leave for the Y.  It's starting to sprinkle on the drive there, and I really hope it's not going to be pouring when it's time to to to the Commissary afterward.

Timmy laughs hysterically as we drive over the speed bumps to get to the Y.  It has never been so much fun to go over speed bumps.

8:15 a.m.  We arrive, I drop the kids in the babysitting room and then go to my HIIT class.  The usual instructor is out today and the sub has us do a different format of class.  We need two sets of weights and a mat.  I didn't bring a mat and I have to borrow one of theirs.  It's pretty icky but it doesn't stink.
Just looking at this picture makes me want a shower.
When the half hour long class is over I long to go for a run, but we have to be one our way.  The Commissary trip has to happen, and it has to happen this morning no matter what.  We are critically low on many of our staple foods.  I'm encouraged when I hear a lady in the hallway as we're leaving the babysitting room say that it wasn't raining when she arrived.  But it looks like we're out of luck.  As I'm loading the kids in the car it starts to pour.  As we get closer to the house, it becomes dark as night and the rain comes down in sheets.  "Rain, rain, go away.." I mutter as I nervously grip the wheel at 10 and 2.  I slow down to a little under the speed limit.  I'm scared to death of hydroplaning.

9:25 a.m.  We stop at the house and I run in by myself to change into jeans and a shirt that are presentable for the Commissary.  No workout clothes allowed there.  I'm hungry so I eat a banana, and we're on our way again.  The rain continues, not quite as hard as before, but steady.  

I remember that I have a giant trash bag full of old potting soil in the backyard that needs to go back to the woods.  I couldn't drag it when it was dry.  I definitely won't be able to drag it now that it's wet.  I will have to borrow a wheelbarrow from a neighbor on a nice day.  Why is there a giant bag of potting soil in my backyard?  Because I overturned one of the huge planters that I'd managed to drag down off the patio into the bag, thinking it would be easier to drag the bag than try to move the full planter across the backyard.  I need the planters empty so I can put new soil and new flowers in them because it's spring now.  [Delaney's watching me write this and she really wanted me to add "because it's spring now."]  This weekend I will get a wheelbarrow and get it all taken care of.   
I am too lazy to set the clock forward.  We're ready for fall.
9:55 a.m. We arrive at the Commissary.  The rain didn't keep anybody away, it looks like.  I have to park far away.  Then I get the bright idea to go get a cart and bring it back to the car so I don't have to walk across the parking lot with the two kids in the rain.  But guess what?  Now the cart is soaked.  And thanks to the great job I did cleaning and de-cluttering the car last weekend, I have not a single spare sweatshirt or jacket with which to wipe off the seats.  I have to carry Timmy and push the cart with one hand all the way to the the entrance.  The only one happy about this is Annie because she's allowed to hold our umbrella.

Once inside, we head straight to the restroom where I grab paper towels and wipe off the seats.  It takes a lot of paper towels because they are not very absorbent at all.  Finally we have the cart seats dry, I load the kids in and go shopping.

Back outside we get a break from the rain as long as it takes to get everybody and everything into the car.  Then it starts back up again.

11:30 a.m.  We're back home and hungry for lunch.  The hardest part about the weekly grocery shopping is getting back home and having to put it all away and make lunch.  I'm so overwhelmed.  The state of this kitchen makes me want to cry.  Especially the floor.  It is filthy.  There are parts of it that my socks stick to like velcro.  I know what a brat this makes me sound like but I just can't wait until Monday for that floor to get clean.  The girl who cleans my house twice a month went out of town for Easter and it's been a whole month since she's been here.  I've been struggling.  The kitchen floor and the bathrooms are two of the main reasons I hired her in the first place during Tim's last deployment and they are in sorry shape right now.  I sweep every day, and I mopped once before Karen's visit, but this kitchen floor needs a good deep clean.  Now there's stuff all over the counters, Annie's rooting through the fridge for stuff, I can't get lunch on the table quick enough, and I just want to fast-forward to naptime so bad..
As I'm getting lunch together, Timmy points to his bum and says, "Poopy."  I pause to go change his diaper.  I serve lunch, eat mine as fast as I can, and finish putting the groceries away.  I turn on music to help motivate me to get it all done before nap so I can rest while they do.
12:55 p.m.  We're all fed and I've got the kitchen under control.  It's taken an hour from the time we came in the door to get to this point.  I eat a couple handfuls of Hershey kisses as I tell Annie and Timmy they've got five minutes until nap.

1:10 p.m.  Finally the break I wait for every day.  I make a cup of tea and read Tim's daily "letter" he writes me every day before he goes to bed.  He tells me he's intrigued by Texas, and I think he's trying to prepare me for when he tries to get a recruiting gig in Ft. Worth.  But he reassures me he hasn't done anything "crazy" yet, and we are still a year out from when any decisions get made.  What he doesn't want is to get school in Quantico because that could lead to the Pentagon next and a horrible commute.  We will be having these conversations more and more often in the next 9 to 12 months.  

After I read Tim's letter, I lie down for a nap.  Just before 2, my phone rings.  How long have I been asleep?  Maybe 20 minutes?  I have to take this call, it could be Delaney's school.  It's the Orkin man.  I must sound sleepy because he sounds apologetic as he asks if it's OK to come over.  I say, "Sure, I'll just look out for you so you don't have to ring the doorbell."  Don't even think about ringing the doorbell.  Then I watch at the window impatiently like an old biddy, waiting for him to arrive.  He comes over, does his thing, and leaves.  I just enjoy the time I have left to myself, checking Facebook and my blogs.  

2:55 p.m.  Annie wakes up from her nap and I tell her we'll leave for the bus stop in 10 minutes.  By now the rain has stopped and the sun is peeking out.
I've always wanted to take a picture of me and my kids' shadows, but this one doesn't turn out so great.  My shadow has Princess Leia hair for some reason.  It's windy.
3:05 p.m.  We walk to the bus stop to get Delaney.  She gets off the bus with chocolate on her mouth (on "Fun Friday" they get ice cream), and the tongues of her shoes sticking out.  Why, I don't know.  She's excited because she got a certificate for reading 100 books and a gift card to Books-a-Million!  I go to take a picture of her with it, and my neighbor offers to take one of us both.
3:20 p.m. We have a little snack.  Delaney doesn't have to do any homework tonight but she asks to do a writing worksheet.  The kids are supposed to do two per week, so if Delaney wants to get a jump on hers Friday afternoon, who am I to argue?  She's really on the ball today.  During this time I also cook the bacon for our mushroom and bacon pizza.
4:00 p.m. Timmy's up.  Delaney comes with me to get him up.  She opens the blinds and the curtains, which I don't normally bother doing since all he does is sleep in there anyway.
Hello, Sunshine!
4:15 p.m.  It is a typical Friday evening.  We'll have pizza early, they'll take showers/baths, and we'll watch a movie -- Peter Pan which starts at 6 on Disney Junior.

I have lots of little helpers when it's time to make the pizza.  First they help me spread the dough out on the pan.  They each get a little bit of it because they like to eat raw dough (strange!).  Timmy helps himself to a big piece right from the middle, leaving a hole.  Stinker.  I mend it together as well as I can before putting the sauce on all by myself -- "because I can't risk any of you people hurting the dough with the edge of the spoon!"  I give them each their own little bowl of mozzarella to sprinkle on next.  They cram most of it in their mouths and put some on the pizza.
Annie abruptly loses interest and goes up to the playroom.  Delaney helps me put on the mushrooms and bacon while Timmy stands at the counter eating his cheese.
Delaney wants me to clarify that she gave him that cheese.  Good thing somebody was looking out for him!
4:50 p.m.  The pizza is done and it's time to eat.
In the picture below, Annie is already asking to be excused as soon as dinner is served.  The only thing she likes to eat is spaghetti and meatballs.  She tells me every time we sit down to dinner that she has a bellyache.  On many days she has nothing to eat from lunchtime until breakfast the next day.  Somehow her cheeks remain thoroughly pinchable so I don't worry too much.
5:30 p.m.  Once the rest of us are done eating and the kitchen is cleaned up somewhat, I send the girls to take a shower and then I give Timmy a bath.  Everybody is clean and in their pajamas before we start the movie.

Delaney asks me for the second or third time to cut the sleeves off her pajamas because they're too tight.  For the second or third time I tell her I'll get to it in a little while.  She gets tired of waiting for me and she gets out her and Annie's scissors.  They tackle the task together.  I make it clear that they are never to cut up clothes without my permission.
6 to 7:30 p.m.  We pop popcorn and watch Peter Pan.  Timmy sits still for about the first 10 minutes or so, and then he goes around lining up his little trucks in different places.  At least he doesn't dump his popcorn all over the place like last week.  He must have learned his lesson when I took his popcorn away and he got no more.
7:30 p.m.  When the movies over the kids brush their teeth and we say bedtime prayers.  Annie prays for Grandma to get better (she has shingles).  I pray for Delaney to have good dreams and a good night's sleep.  I tell her she's going to have happy dreams about mermaids and butterflies and blue skies and rainbow water slides.  She says, "And Hook."  "No, not Hook.  Only good things."  The girls don't take too long to go to sleep.  [Delaney just read this as I finished typing it and said, "That's wrong.  We take a long time to go to sleep."  I'm about to tell her to write her own blog.:)]

The rest of the night gets away from me fast.  I do my belly exercises for my diastasis recti first.  I am on an 8-week program to close up the gap in my rectus abdominis (muscles that make up the "6-pack") and strengthen my core.  It takes about 10 minutes a day and I am just starting week 2.  After that I take a shower, finish cleaning the kitchen, make a cup of tea, fold a load of laundry, write Tim my letter, and watch Shark Tank and 20/20 before finally turning in at 11.  Tomorrow we'll all sleep until 7.  Yay!  And there will be nobody in my bed but me.


  1. Had a kid in my bed for this DiTL, too---not fun! And as a PT, very interested in your Diastasis Recti! Loved this.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I'd talk about it more in depth but I'm afraid I'd bore most people with it. Maybe I'll make a post one day with a huge disclaimer for anyone like my FIL who might not want to know so much about the status of my abdominal muscles.

  2. Your kids are adorable and your house is gorgeous - love your spacious kitchen!! I thought the part where Delaney wanted you to add "because it's spring now" was super cute; it made me smile.

  3. I'm jealous that you are surrounded by green grass & that you're outside in short sleeves!

  4. Love the Friday night tradition of food, baths and a movie. Plus, now I am hungry for bacon and mushroom pizza. Num.

  5. That commissary sounds intense! Wow. Def not a Walmart type shopping experience :)

    I like the sound of the Friday night tradition, too. Might have to try that next week :)