Thursday, April 25, 2013

Timmy at 21 months

I thought things would only get harder the closer he got to the age of 2, but for some reason I feel like I got a reprieve this month with Timmy.  He and Annie still fight, but not as much and not as intensely.  Strapping him into the car seat is not a wrestling match anymore, but he does insist on doing at least one or two of the clips himself.  Fine by me -- it beats having to pin him into the seat with my forearm two or three times a day.  I haven't heard of any more problems with the babies in the child watch room these past few weeks, either.  Sometimes I even get him to voluntarily hold my hand in a parking lot.  He can be stubborn at times, but mostly he is just sweet and curious, silly, lovable, and so much fun.

I love the way he wakes up in the morning and after his nap.  I hear his happy babble and I know there's no rush to go in there and get him.  He loves when one or the other of his sisters goes in there and plays with him.  He lines up toy cars and trains on the crib rail, one of the girls will climb in the crib with him and cover him up with the blanket, and they'll play all sorts of silly games.  After a little while I go in there and see his bright happy face. He looks like he's hosting a little party and he'd be happy to stay in his crib and enjoy the attention of his sisters all day long.
He still doesn't say more than one word at a time (more and more words all the time), but he's letting me know more and more what he wants and getting to be particular about it, especially when it comes to food.  I ask him what he wants to drink and he'll shake his head "yes" if I get it right and "no" if I don't.  He wants to pick his own yogurt or cheese snack out of the fridge.  He tries to eat the cheese snack through the wrapper.  What he doesn't like he tosses off his tray.  He'll say the name of what he wants if it's easy to say:  "Milk", "juice," "cheese", and his favorite, "CHEET!" (treat)  He tells me he wants a "bite" of whatever I'm having.

At some point in time his eyes changed from green to hazel without me noticing.  His grandpa pointed it out as soon as he got a good look at his face.  He said, "Let's see, Timmy, what color are your eyes?.. I think they're hazel like mine!"  I had to take a few good looks myself, but sure enough, there is a little bit of brown mixed in with the green.  I got as close as I dared with the camera to take a good picture of his eyes.  I put him in a trance by singing the "Elmo's World" theme song so he'd sit still.  That boy loves his Elmo!
He is very attached to his little cars and trucks, and he is like a squirrel with acorns carrying them around the house and arranging them just so.  He lines them up side by side, and other times end to end.  He is always surprised and happy to find one that he's forgotten about, in a crease of his car seat or in a toy bin.  He holds them up to hear us say what color they are and then repeats.  "Geen."  "Boo."  "Lellow."  But he can't remember which is which.  I'm happy to see him taking an interest in colors.  He also wants us to tell him what color different crayons are, and Annie loves the chance to show off her knowledge.

He also loves to point out actual cars and trucks, and he loves big trucks.  Tim Sr and I were talking about how we are going to have to get a car seat for Tim's truck so he can ride in it.  It would seriously make his day.  We've been too cheap to buy car seats for the truck to this point.
He loves wearing shirts that have pictures on them.  His favorite one has a diagram of an airplane taking off, and he loves it if I point to it and make airplane sounds.

He laughs when he toots.  And he toots a lot.  Almost as much as Annie.

If you ask him where something or somebody is and he doesn't know, he does this:
Where did Sissy go?
He always has a blister on his thumb from sucking it.

He nurses just twice a day now.  When he gets up in the morning he's too busy to be interested.  I can barely get him to sit in his chair for breakfast.  So now we've taken another step toward weaning, and it makes me glad and a little sad at the same time.  Mostly I am happy that again, I have a child who will be gradually and easily weaned.

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  1. Such a cute boy and once again he really remind me of my little guy :)

    And this reminds me I'm quite behind on my monthly post for him! Oops!