Tuesday, May 10, 2011

28 weeks

It's the 3rd trimester now!  12 weeks seems like a long way to go, but I bet it will go by fast.  I had an appointment with my midwife Sherry today.  Earlier this week at the OB, I had my glucose test and passed.  I think I'm done seeing the OB after the next appointment in June.

Today I weigh 132, which is really good.  I just cracked open Delaney's pregnancy journal and saw that I weighed 143 at my 28-week appointment.  Also, by 24 weeks with Delaney, I already had massive swelling of the feet and ankles that only got worse as time went on.  At 26 weeks with Annalise, I weighed 132, so I did better the second time.  And the swelling started much later with her.  I think the reason for the runaway weight gain with Delaney was that she was my first, and I had no other children to care for.  I had a job which was very sedentary, and I think I overate on a daily basis.  I also ate out a lot more.  Now, as a mom of two, especially with Tim not around, I'm much busier and I burn more calories.  I don't exercise nearly enough, but having to keep up with little ones is keeping me in reasonably good shape.

A really nice thing happened to me today earlier today.  After I picked Delaney up from school and we were walking to the car, I heard someone call out to me, "What a cute maternity shirt!"  I said, "Thanks.  I got it from Old Navy."  Then she said, "You look so cute."  This person I don't even know.  It's a good thing the shirt looks good on me -- I wear it about every other day.  I ordered a few maternity things from Old Navy a few months ago, and as with all things Old Navy -- you may or may not get what you see in the picture.  Half of what came turned out to be crap after one wash.  And the things I'd gotten from them during my other pregnancies had to be thrown out long before now.  But it's all so cheap I can't resist.  I just ordered three more things so I'd have more to wear on vacation.  I may only like one thing out of the three.  It's a gamble.  The nearest Old Navy store is an hour away, though, so I continue to order online and hope for the best.

Back to my appointment: my fundal height measurement was 28, so right on.  It's been right on throughout this pregnancy.  Maybe Timmy will be a smaller baby.  I always measured a week or two ahead with the girls.  With her hands on my belly, Sherry determined his position.  He is head down with his back on my left side, his butt right above my belly button, and legs on the right side.

This past week I actually did something to get ready for Timmy's arrival.  I bought and set up an organizer for his things next to my bed.  It consists of six cubes, with fabric drawers in about half of them.  It should house all of the diapers, blankets, onesies and whatnot very nicely.  What I like best about this little storage unit is, once Timmy moves to his own room with all the furniture that's in there, I can use it for anything else I want -- toy storage, most likely.

I'm looking forward to getting to hold and look at this baby boy.  But at the same time, I am trying to enjoy the time I have with just the girls.  I am trying to take them out and do as many things with them as I can, because things are going to change for awhile after he arrives.  I'm so glad for the nice weather and opportunities to take them to the beach, to the pool, and in two weeks, our Florida vacation with my family (yay!).  I'm also grateful to have friends to do things with.  I might find myself tired a lot, frustrated, bogged down with so many things, and missing Tim.  But I am happy for all the good things in my life, and for the smiles on my girls' faces.
Belly pic in my good Old Navy shirt

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