Thursday, May 19, 2011

Annalise is 2!

5/19/09.  Annalise Elizabeth weighed 9 pounds and was 22 inches long, sporting a funnel cloud-shaped birthmark.   She still has it, but it's faded quite a bit.
When we got home from the hospital, 22-month-old Delaney scrutinized the strange little creature who would become her best friend and partner in crime.

Learning to walk and celebrating her first birthday with her precious Lovey
And Grandpa Brady
I love this picture of us singing 'Happy Birthday' while Delaney gazes longingly at the cupcakes.

Here she is today, a big 2-year-old hard at work on an art project.

Here's a video of Annie with a ladybug

Happy birthday to our Annalise!  She is such a a sunny girl, she makes us smile and laugh all the time.  She also gets on Delaney's nerves, but that's her duty as a little sister.

She loves to talk, and her vocabulary is steadily growing.  Sometimes I don't think she knows what she's talking about, but she doesn't want to be left out of the conversation.  When Delaney exclaims, "I got a purple jellybean!" Annie will hold up her yellow one and shout, "A purple jellybean!"  She really looks up to Delaney, and she likes to say and do everything she does.

If' I'm worried or upset about something and she hears me muttering to myself, she says, "What, Mama?"  "What, Mama?"  It's so sweet of her to be so concerned.

She has a funny way of repeating back things you say, that brings to mind "Baby Ruth?" from The Goonies.  For example, one night on the way home in the car, Annie was trying to entertain Delaney by kicking off her shoes and extending her foot in her direction, yelling, "Stinky toes!"  Delaney was annoyed by this and said, "No, bad stinky toes."  Annie said very Sloth-like, "Bad stinky toes?"  "Yes!"  "Oh, bad stinky toes."  Then a few seconds later, she asked again, "Bad stinky toes?"  She just likes the dialog.

She wants to be a helper.  If I'm making chocolate milk for them, she likes to take Delaney hers.

Her constipation troubles came to a head this month.  She was miserable, crying and straining all the time, and I didn't know what to do to get her regular.  I'm happy to say these last couple weeks she's doing much better.  As the result of a friend's advice, and Annie's pediatrician's recommendation, I have her on Miralax.  I hadn't known that such little kids could take it until my friend told me about her daughter who was 3 when she first gave it to her.  That poor kid was so backed up she was almost at the point of needing surgery.  It would be nice to be able to make dietary changes, and have that be what makes her better.  But Annie doesn't eat much at all.  She likes what she likes -- mainly crackers and pizza -- and I can't interest her in much else.  The doctor said maybe her tastes would change, and if she were to start eating better, I might find she doesn't need the Miralax anymore.  So I continue to offer her fruits and vegetables and hope for the best.  I am so happy to have found something that gives her relief, though.  She's been so much happier now that she doesn't have to try so hard to poop.

This past month she started climbing out of her crib.  She gets out of her crib and strolls out the door, saying, "Mama, clock yellow."  (She at least knows the difference between the clock being blue or yellow!)  Now I hear the pitter-patter of two pairs of feet every morning.  At first I felt proud, amused, and a little sad all at once.  Sad because this means no more hearing her call for me and walking in to see her standing there with a big smile on her face.  I know I said I was going to switch her to a toddler bed once she started climbing out, but I made a liar of myself.  She sleeps so well in the crib, and naps every day in it, only climbing out after the clock turns yellow.  I'm leaving it alone for now.  I don't want to disturb the routine.  I've watched her climb out of the crib, and she's very skilled at it.  If I see her start dancing around on top of the railing, maybe that will be something to worry about.

She wants to do EVERYTHING HERSELF.  She does not want any help, thank you very much.  I let her go out and get in the car a good five minutes or more before I'm ready to go, so she can at least attempt to buckle herself in the carseat.  She gets really angry if I haven't given her sufficient time to try to do it herself before I come finish the job.  She's getting better and better at getting her clothes on and off, and again, I have to allow for extra time for her to do it herself because it's very important to her.  I also know that getting her clothes on and off is a skill she's going to need soon, when it comes time to use the potty, so I try my best to be patient and let her learn at her pace.

Speaking of the potty, she has been asking to use it frequently of late.  She has only peed in it a couple of times.  Usually she sits down, grunts a few times for effect, and says she's "all done!"  The other day, she told me she wanted to poop on the princess potty.  I helped her get her pants and diaper off, and she sat down.  She didn't actually poop until after I'd gotten her diaper back on her a few minutes later, but I'm happy she's thinking about it.  If it weren't for a new baby coming in a couple months, I might even try actively potty-training her since she's showing such an interest.  But I would be really disappointed to put in the work and have her make progress, only to be derailed after Timmy's arrival.  No, I'll give it some more time, let her get better at taking her pants up and down by herself, and let the dust settle after baby brudder comes.  I'd love it if she were fully trained before Thanksgiving.

We are going to be celebrating hers and Sissy's birthdays together in Florida next week, so there will be birthday pictures to come.

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