Sunday, May 8, 2011

Delaney at 3 years, 10 months

Last night our main computer crashed -- really it died, I think.  Before Tim left, he had a feeling this might happen.  So he backed up everything to an external hard drive, and everything has been saved except for the last two months of photos.  They were supposed to be backing up too, but they didn't.  I can't tell you how much this upsets me, but I'm still holding out hope that those pictures can be retrieved with a little help from someone who knows what they're doing.  If Tim were here, this would already be fixed, but he's not, and he can only help me so much through email.  So there won't be any accompanying pictures with this post.  You'll just have to picture in your mind the little girl who first made me a mom -- big brown eyes, a nose that always needs to be wiped, a happy smile, and .. a bare bum.

Delaney has a habit that drives me crazy.  When she uses the bathroom she comes out naked from the waist down and just goes about her business.  I say, "Delaney, put some underwear on!"  But she won't unless I walk up to her with them and help her into them myself.  Whenever she gets home from anywhere, it's like she can't wait to leave her pants/skirt and underwear in a heap in front of the toilet.  I guess she just wants to be free.

She can be so nice to Annie and I think she relishes the role of big sister.  When I told them we would have to take Annie to the doctor again a few days ago, Delaney said to her, "Don't worry, Annie.  I'll be watching you, because I'll be there too."  On the other hand, she does not want to be the recipient of Annie's help.  After I asked Delaney to please go get her underwear and put it on, Annie got up and went to their room, proudly returning moments later with a pair of Delaney's underwear.  "Here, Sissy.  Underwear."  Delaney took it and flung it behind the couch, causing poor Annie to cry.

Delaney has a silly sense of humor.  She'll say things like, "You're a Cheeto!"  or "You're a Cheeto-head!"  After the Mother's Day tea, I now know where she gets it.  The little boys at our table were even more creative, according to their mothers.  "You're a dumpster!"  "Your mom's a dumpster!"  When I drop her off at school, she likes to pull the neck of her shirt up as far as she can over her face, so her teachers will say, "Who is that?" as she's walking in.

I was hoping that this would be the year Delaney outgrew her eczema, but unfortunately, no.  As soon as the temperature went over 75,  it was back.  It's in the same places she always gets it, behind her knees.  I think it started the summer she turned 2.  The only thing that causes it, as far as I know, is warm weather.  She doesn't get it any other time of the year.  When we lived in Massachusetts and Virginia, it didn't come until at least June.  But it got warmer earlier here, so it first appeared in early April.  I've tried so many ointments and creams in the past.  This year I decided I'd go with California Baby all-purpose, "nature's first aid" calendula cream.  I have to catch her and hold her to put it on, even though I'm pretty sure it doesn't hurt her.  The stuff is about $6 an ounce, and as far as I can see it's having no effect.  The eczema is getting no worse, but it's getting no better.  I wish I could find something that worked for her.  It doesn't bother her terribly, but I know it's itchy.  I sometimes see streaks on her legs where she's been itching.  I can empathize because I hate things that itch!

She misses her daddy a lot.  At least once a day she tells me she wants him to come home.  I just tell her I wish he could come home too, but he has a job to do on the big ship.  I tell her he misses her a lot too, and wishes he could come home.  Then when he calls, she doesn't always want to talk.  It depends on her mood.  I feel bad when we won't talk, but I know he understands, it's just her age.

Delaney really melted my heart yesterday.  She was so helpful with getting our new kiddie pool set up.  It was  such a pain!  It was not the inflatable kind.  The sidewalls don't stand until there's a few inches of water in it, and until then I needed her to help hold the sides up so the water wouldn't all go out.  She listened and followed all my instructions patiently.  After it was filled and she got to play in it, she thanked me at least two or three times for getting them this pool, and said, "Happy Mother's Day!"  She's such a sweet little girl.  Seeing her so happy is really its own thanks, but it is especially nice to be be thanked and shown appreciation.

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