Friday, March 19, 2010

Annalise at ten months

I  have to say this has been her cutest month ever.  She has never been more lovable, kissable and squeezable than she is right now.

There haven't been any big changes this month, but it's getting easier to see the toddler she will be soon.

That lonely little tooth on the bottom finally got a friend.

She babbles away at us, and I think she really thinks she's talking.  At the table, she'll look at one of us, and say, "Dah!"  We'll say, "Dah!" back, and she'll just go from one of us to the next, slapping her high chair tray and saying, "Dah!"  Big Sis loves this game, and finds that slapping the table and yelling, "Dah!" is a fun way to express herself too.  Annie also loves to lower her chin to her chest, flattening her cheek and chin fat, and then blowing raspberries.  That puts us in a bit of a tough spot, because it's so cute, but we can't be encouraging that behavior at the table.  Delaney's known for awhile that raspberries at the dinner table isn't acceptable.  

She still acts devastated if I leave her sight.  It's endearing, but sometimes I think, 'How much longer will she do this?'  Then I look at that face, and I pick her up, cover her in kisses, and say, "You silly girl.  You know I'm not going anywhere."

Her preferred mode of transportation (aside from Mama) is crawling, but she's spending a lot more time on her feet, cruising, and sometimes standing alone for several seconds.  Her legs are strong from standing at the side of her crib tormenting me.  She's a pretty proficient stair-climber too.

I wish I'd had the camera handy yesterday right before dinner.  I'd put Annie in her high chair with frozen pears in her mesh feeder, and I was all the way on the other side of the room for a minute.  Tim was finishing up cheeseburgers and fries.  As I was talking to him, I was walking back across the room to the table, and suddenly I stopped.  I saw that he'd just noticed too, and he was about to say something.  "That's a whole strawberry she has in her hand," I said.  But wait -- a whole strawberry in each hand.  She raised one fistful to her mouth, chewed, then the other, and looked up at me like, 'What?'  That little stinker Delaney had given them to her.  She persists in treating Annie like a puppy whom she will toss the occasional scrap to, even though we try to teach her not to.  She sees us giving her things, but doesn't understand the rules about what to give a baby.  To tell the truth, I'm not sure I understand the rules.

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