Monday, March 8, 2010

Delaney at two years, eight months

Another month has flown by, and it's been a good month.  So, what has our mischievous little brown-eyed girl been up to lately?  

Well for one, she's been fine-tuning her ability to get what she wants from us.  When she asks us for things -- about five times every waking minute -- she punctuates her requests with an enthusiastic nod yes, as if to say, 'just say yes, like this'.  It is so irresistably cute.  Tim is especially likely to fall prey to this tactic, and he shakes his head as if to say, 'I'm being had, and I know it, and OK, let's get you a treat.'  One request leads to another, which reminds her of something else she wants, and she could go on and on, so we can't say yes to everything.  I mentioned this book in my last Delaney post, one of the books she got for Christmas: If You Give a Pig a Party.  "If you give a pig a party, she'll probably ask you for some balloons.  If you give her some balloons, she'll want to decorate the house.  When she's finished she'll put on her favorite dress.  Then she'll call all of her friends to invite them to the party.  Her friends won't be home, so you'll go with her to look for them..."  And on and on.  That is our Delaney to a T.  Boy, did she have fun when Grandma was here!

cover art

March 3 was Delaney's first full day in underpants.  She had three accidents that day, and two were in the first two hours.  She's been doing great.  On Day 2, we ventured out to Target and had dinner at Panera.  She stayed dry the whole time, but I was on pins and needles.  I had a change of clothes in reserve.  She went to the bathroom at Panera, while I held her under her arms.  It looked like she was perched on the edge of a giant crater.  I never thought about how huge public restrooms really are.  By Day 3, she was going several times to the potty with no prompting from us.  On Day 4, we drove to Arlington to the Pentagon City Mall, spent about an hour and a half there, and went home.  This time, due to the unpredictability of traffic on 95, I had TWO sets of clothes in the diaper bag.  I didn't need them.  We had her little Princess throne in the back of the Jeep, and she went in it upon arrival to the mall, and just before leaving.  There was also a pitstop at GapKids.  I'm looking at my watch constantly now, in a way I haven't since the early days of breastfeeding, going, 'How long has it been..?'  Day 4 turned out to be her first full dry day.

I can't wait until I can be comfortable with resuming our normal activities, i.e., Tot Gym, leaving her at the CDC (Child Development Center), or outings ANYWHERE with just the girls and I.  I skipped a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese this past week, the morning of Day 2.  Potty training and Chuck-E-Cheese probably don't go together well.  Delaney misses her friends, though, so I think it's time to ease back into doing normal things.  I mean, she really misses them.  She tried to escape the house on Saturday when she saw a group of older kids across the street, and thought they were her friends.  She opened the front door, which for some reason wasn't dead-bolted that time, and that's where I found her in only her underwear, apparently thinking about whether she ought to make a break for it.

[Why don't I just invite them over here? you ask.  Scroll back up to the top of this post, and take a good look at that picture.  That's why!  I'm embarrassed by the way this house looks.  I'm having a harder time keeping up with it than ever.  It's all I can do to keep us in clean clothes, eating off clean plates, and making sure there isn't anything too disgusting that Annie can eat off the floor.  It's hard to swallow my pride, but I know I have to.  And I've already promised Delaney I'd invite some friends over for a playdate.]  

We've come a long way in a short time with the potty, and I'm so pleased with her progress.  Tim is so blase about this, saying, "You sell her short.  You underestimate her."  It's not that I don't think she's capable -- it's just I know how stubborn and headstrong she is!  This is such a huge turning point for us.  It wasn't too long ago I was telling poop horror stories!  And number 2 is still iffy.  Given the opportunity, she'd much prefer to do it in her pants still, so we have to stay on top of that.

What else is new..?

Her new favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Wonderpets is so last month.  She asks for it several times a day.  Then at the end, she wants me to do the Hot Dog Dance with her.  When Grandma visited, she had to do the Hot Dog Dance too.  Never in my life have I felt like a bigger dork than while doing the Hot Dog Dance, but who sees me?  Grandy and Auntie Grace, you'd better practice your Hot Dog Dance too.

She knows that tooting is funny.  She said to Tim as he was helping her get dressed, "I tooted, and I tooted again, and it was FUNNY!"  Ha ha!  That's our girl.

She is so inquisitive, and wants to know about every little thing.  Wrapped in a towel In front of the mirror after her bath one night, she pointed to her nipples and asked, "What are these?"  "Nipples," I said.  Then she wanted to know, did I have them?  Did Dada have them?  Did Annie have them?  Same thing with her bellybutton.  Yes, Delaney, we all have one.  Isn't it amazing?  I'm bracing myself for a really embarrassing question asked in a really public place.  Like, 'Why is he so fat?'  I just know it's coming.  I even have an answer at the ready:  "God makes us in all different shapes and sizes, and He loves us all."  I don't even know where she'll pick up the word "fat."  I try not to ever say it, because she takes every new word, tries it out for size, and then keeps it at the ready, waiting for just the right moment.  So we try to guard our words here.

I love this picture here.  Tim took this one at the Air and Space Museum.  There she is, observing and learning.  

I just sat here and told Tim another story that I have to include here because it's kind of poignant for us.  Sunday was sunny and in the high-50s, so that afternoon, I took the girls to the playground up the street.  Delaney was so happy to go there.  We hadn't been there in months.  Even after the snow was gone, the mud was there a long time.  

At first it was just us.  Then two older kids, I'd say around the age of 10, arrived.  Delaney rushed over, saying "Those are my friends.  Hi, friends!"  The kids, who we actually didn't know at all, sat down on the swings, not acknowledging her.  Would it have killed them to say hi?  Delaney told them, "You can't sit on those swings, those are my swings."  I explained that they are everybody's swings, and she could sit on one of the open ones.  She was okay with that, but then said to the kids, "OK, you can swing on those swings.  I'm going to go play at the playground. Come with me!"  She motioned for them to follow, and hesitated, waiting for them to do so.  I just watched at a distance, a little sad for her, but at the same time thinking, 'At some point she'll have to realize she's under three feet tall, and not the boss of everybody.'  Still, it bothered me that the kids paid her less mind than they would a fly.  Our indomitable Delaney was nothing more than a baby in their eyes.  

After a moment's hesitation, Delaney was off again to climb the jungle gym, not noticing the slight.  Soon she was happily greeting more friends.  I've said and thought many times since she turned two, I wish she'd move on, get past this phase, whatever.  But at this moment, I thought, please don't change.  I want you to be exactly like this for the rest of your life!

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