Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grandy and Auntie Grace visit

The girlies and I were treated to a visit from my mom and my sister Grace this past weekend.  It flew by like I knew it would.  The timing was especially nice for me, as it was during Tim's three-week-long trip to Florida for training.  Tim will be back in 11 days, not that I'm counting or anything.

We joked about how Tim is probably just complaining to me about how hard he's working, but when he comes home, his duffel bag will be full of sand, and I'll find his swim trunks and flipflops in there, maybe a golf ball, or a souvenir shot glass or something.  Sorry, hon, but it is Florida.

We all missed him, but he surprised us with a call on Skype that first evening.  Grace was at the computer at the time, and she's not familiar with Skype, so she didn't know what the noise was that means a call is coming in.  She was even more surprised when I darted over, and with a click of the mouse, brought Tim's face up on the screen.  My mom, who was across the room, thought that Tim didn't even have to call -- he could just pop up at any time, like 'Hello, I'm watching you..'  That would be scary!

It was so lovely coming down the stairs every morning with the girls and finding Mom and Grace there.  On Saturday morning, I tried making breakfast, but Annie would not allow me to, wailing miserably when I wouldn't give her my undivided attention.  I got a little overwhelmed.  So Mom jumped in and finished up.  I felt bad for putting her to work while she was visiting, but she didn't mind.  She made breakfast Sunday and Monday morning too.

They brought goodies for the girls -- little toys, candy, and some cute summer clothes, including the little dresses they're wearing in the picture above.  Mom also brought me something -- an early birthday present.  She knows I love Norman Rockwell, and she said this reminded her of me.  It's called "Little Mother."    Now I have to find a plate holder, and a place for it where it won't be broken.

We never went far, and didn't do very much.  We don't need very much to be entertained when we get together, as anyone who's ever been around us knows.  We can be very silly.    For instance, we went through the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru Saturday after dinner because Grace wanted munchkins for the next morning.  She started cracking up when I asked what the smallest order of munchkins was.  Then I couldn't finish ordering 10 munchkins without giggling.  I was completely sober.  I was just under the influence of my sister.  Schlosser girls are notorious for laughing at drive-thru windows.  Everything is funnier when you have to say it loudly into a microphone.

Here are some pictures we took, in no particular order:

Delaney and Annalise look so pretty in their coordinating dresses.  That purple is definitely one of Delaney's colors!

We all enjoyed coffee and Grace's book on the patio during the little ones' nap.
Grace was our official family photographer while she was here, and she must have taken about 500 pictures, many of which she watched me heartlessly delete.  To her, even the blurry photos are keepsakes.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures she took of the girls at bathtime:


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  1. "What's your smallest order of munchkins?"....hahaha