Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ode to Saturday night dinner

This dinner gets its own post because, alas, it was not enjoyed the way it -- and Tim -- deserved for it to be.  We decided to try having a nice dinner in, as opposed to  our usual dinner out on Saturday.  We were thinking seafood, so Tim went to Wegman's to get the makings for seared sea scallops with linguine in an herb wine sauce.  And that's not all.  In only an hour, he whipped up this dinner, along with fried calamari and shrimp cocktail as appetizers.  By the time he got done, it cost just as much to have dinner in as out, and the kitchen was a wreck.

After all that hard work, you would think we sat down and savored this meal together, right?  Sadly, this scrumptious meal ended up getting the same treatment as macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets.

Delaney and I attacked the calamari and shrimp while Tim still slaved over the scallops and linguine.  I was starved, so I ate ten pieces of calamari myself, and another five of Delaney's, since she only liked the breading and left the rest.  

Finally it was time for us all to sit down and enjoy the main course.  But Annie was fussing, Delaney was needing the potty, and I don't think either Tim or I sat down for more than a minute at a time.  At least I had the presence of mind to take a picture, before I began frantically shoveling forkfuls down my throat.  

Later I told Tim that this is a meal we should make some night after the little ones are in bed.  We should have it over candlelight with glasses of wine.  I will eat 20 lunches if I have to in order to be able to put off dinner until 7:30 or 8.  

Tim was crestfallen when I told him I didn't like the linguine very much.  "That was the hardest part of the meal!" he said.  He had to agree, though, that the linguine wasn't what he had hoped for either.  It was very dry, needing more olive oil, and maybe a little less red pepper flakes.  It was also a little too al dente, which he had already warned me about.

Tim has been taking such good care of us.  I have been so tired and sluggish because Annie's been waking up a couple times a night again, and I haven't yet geared myself up to get back on the Sleep Lady Plan (because I know that will result in even less sleep for a few nights until it gets better).  If there was a contest for Husband of the Year, I would enter him in it.  He's the best.  I've been letting things slide, but he does so much around here.  

This was going to be a short post about dinner, but it turned into a post about Tim.  So be it.  Here's to you, honey!  Go get your motorcycle, you deserve it!

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