Thursday, November 19, 2009

Annalise at six months

Little Sissy is six months old. Hard to believe it's been half a year! It makes my day every time I go into her room and see her raising herself up as high as she can on her pudgy arms, her perfectly round face visible above the crib rail, and her huge blue eyes looking for me. When I walk in and greet her, she breaks into a big slobbery smile, and no matter how tired I am, my heart sings.
Sometimes I'll be doing whatever I'm doing around the house, and I happen to look over and catch her eye, smile and say hi. She might smile back, and sometimes the smile quickly turns to a look of pleading, accompanied by a little whimper that says, 'Please, Mama, pick me up!' What a great thing, to be loved and needed like that!

Now for her accomplishments and developments of the past month:

At 5 months and one week, she completed a back to belly roll. The next day, she found that she couldn't even stop herself from rolling to her belly. It was cute when she was up and playing, but not so much if I was trying to get her to nap or to go to bed for the night. I fretted about it for a couple days, but she sorted it out. First she started sleeping on her belly at night. Then, after some fussing, she began napping on her belly too. Within a few days, she was just as happy on her belly as on her back, and it's no longer an issue for us. I lay her down on her back, and she's scootched herself all over the place by the time I go in to get her.

At 5 months and two weeks, she began sitting up unassisted. It's amazing how quickly that initial wobble went away, and now she's so sturdy. Bathtime is much easier now.

Here she is on 10/28:

Here she is on 11/4. What a difference a few days make!

Learning to crawl is the next big thing on her to-do list. She gets up on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth and trying to figure out how to move. In the meantime, she scootches herself backward, lunges forward occasionally, and she can turn herself around pretty well. Sometimes she'll get up on just her hands and feet with her bum in the air, in a kind of "downward dog." It looks pretty funny.

I notice that she is now fearful of other people in certain situations. If I take her into a room with a lot of other people and just set her carseat down, she might look around and cry. If she loses sight of me, she might begin to cry too. I explain that she must have a fear that one day I'm going to drop her off at someone's house and just abandon her. Why she would think that I don't know, but separation anxiety is just one of those things babies and toddlers go through.

I've gotten serious about baby signing with her, and I'm trying to enlist Delaney's help with this as well. Now that she focuses on what I'm doing with my hands, I think she's ready to learn. For now, I only use "milk", "all done" and "diaper change." I haven't had much opportunity to practice "more/again" -- another popular first sign -- but hopefully that will change in the next month when we start solids.

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