Sunday, November 1, 2009


Delaney woke up in the morning already excited about going trick-or-treating. She even practiced what to say that morning at breakfast: "Trick or treat," and "Thank you." I love any excuse for her to smile for the camera like that.

At 4, I just couldn't wait any longer to put the girls in their costumes and take some pictures. Only one turned out good. I got rid of all the pictures that show our entire front porch. Remember those flowers on either side of the stairs that looked so nice when we moved in in August? They are now dead and creepy. You could argue that's appropriate for Halloween, but yikes, they are ugly. These two little girls made the front porch look beautiful for a few minutes, though.

Our friends Matt and Meredith came over with their kids, Sophia (3) and Harlan (5 months), and we went trick-or-treating together. The babies got to ride along in the stroller. Don't they look thrilled?

It started raining as soon as we went out the door, and we were all like, 'uh-oh.' I'd told Tim earlier, I don't think I've ever seen a rainy Halloween EVER in my life. I know it must have happened at some point, but I don't remember. Fortunately it stopped after a few minutes and held off until later that night.
Tim and I had so much fun watching Delaney go up to the doors and say, "Trick or treat." Sometimes she needed a little help getting up the stairs. Then she would say, "Thank you" loud enough to hear and it was so sweet. Then she was off again.

She was having the best night of her life until her little pumpkin started to get heavy and she grew tired. Then this huge inflated skeleton head on somebody's lawn growled at her and its eyes started rolling. She ran straight to her dad and gasped, "Uppy, uppy, uppy!" She still says the same word she used at 14 months to mean, 'Pick me up.'
After we'd gone around the block and everyone had had enough, we had a delicious dinner of Chinese take-out (thanks again, Matt and Meredith!). The babies played on the floor. Annie learned to roll both ways after watching Harlan roll from one side of the room to the other. If this had been our condo in Massachusetts, we would have had to put up a baby gate. We remarked on how, even at this age, it's so obvious he's a boy.
After dinner, of course, came candy. Delaney got at least three or four "last" pieces of candy. We are such pushovers. I thought between the sugar and seeing that big skeleton earlier, she'd be having nightmares for sure. But thank goodness, she slept like a log until a little after 7 a.m.
And here it is November already!

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