Saturday, November 14, 2009

3 Novembers ago

Today was a lazy Saturday and I took the rare opportunity to nap, with Annie asleep and Tim home. Before I could quiet my mind and drift off to sleep, I found myself remembering three Novembers ago, just like it was yesterday.

It was mid-November in Worcester, MA, overcast and chilly much it like it is now here in Quantico. I was on my lunch break, where I worked downtown at a law firm. I was dittybopping down the street, maybe off in search of food, or just needing exercise and fresh air. I wore a three-quarter length trench coat, cinched at the waist because I thought it made me look stylish and slim. It was Wednesday, normally just another day to get through. I was just in my own little world, and I didn't even notice the man, a stranger, coming toward me until he was already passing me on the sidewalk, and he said, "You have a beautiful smile." I was taken aback, and I said something like, "Uh, thanks." Now I was dazed, and a little embarrassed, having it brought to my attention that I'd been grinning like an idiot at apparently nothing as I walked down the street. In a second I knew why -- I was two days late, but I already knew, I was sure of it, and I was thrilled beyond belief.

I'd waited forever, it felt like, to find out what it was like to have a secret so huge within me, and have absolutely nothing changed on the outside, not a thing out of place. Nothing but the big silly grin.

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