Sunday, November 8, 2009

Delaney at two years, four months

Delaney is one of the most positive people I know. We've been hearing less of her old refrain of "I need help!" and more of: "I'll do it," "I'll fix it," "I'll find it," "I'll get it," "I did it!", "I found it!" She is so determined, and puffs up with pride at her achievements, dubious as some of them may be. I watched her try to reattach a leaf to a little wildflower she'd found. It didn't work, but at least she tried!

Delaney plays with the card and stickers Grandy sent just for her.

She now has a passion for things that look and smell nice, just like her mama. Tim and I laughed at hearing her say that a Yankee Candle smelled "dee-licious" and "yummy." Another time Delaney walked in Annie's room soon after I'd laid a quilt on the floor. Delaney gasped and exclaimed, "Oh, it's pretty! I love it!" What a girl!

She lays claim to everything she sees and likes. During our nighttime ritual of holding her in front of the window to say goodnight, I pointed out the moon. I said, "Goodnight, moon!" She said, "My moon." And here's a notice to all the other kids here in Thomason Park: the playgrounds all belong to Delaney, particularly the one that's next to our mailbox. But being a benevolent ruler, Delaney shares (sometimes, anyway).

She's getting better and better at reciting things and singing. The other day, while we were playing pretend on the living room floor, Delaney stopped, put her hands together prayerfully, and recited her own broken version of the goodnight prayer: "Now I lay me.. sleep; Play-doh Lord soul.. keep, wake - light." And a strong and loud, "Amen!" Here she is singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Sometimes she can be a little random. Remember our butterflies that we raised from caterpillars? Well, Delaney does. And from time to time, out of nowhere, she'll say, "Caterpillars go in the chrysalis." I say, "Yes, they do. And what happens then?" "Butterflies!" Another thing she likes to mention just offhand is, "Auntie Sophie in Ohio." [I once explained to her which family members live in Ohio, and which are in Massachusetts.]

Her imagination is blossoming these days. I first noticed several weeks ago with, "The [toy] puppy wants a treat." And she'd hand an invisible treat to the puppy. Now we play all kinds of pretend games on the floor. One night when we were "swimming" on the carpet, Delaney decided we needed more water, and she grabbed a little bucket. I said, "We need 200 of those buckets of water." She said, "OK," and got to work. Then after admiring her "work," she jumped in the water and said, "Ow, my bum." But it was alright, because she had the pretend boo-boo bunny. I thought, 'That's something new, the pretend boo-boo bunny.' The real one is always in our freezer to soothe Delaney's real and imagined boo-boos.

She provides me with a lot of amusement. I put her 64-pack of crayons in a Gladware container to help her be able to get them out and put them away faster. I thought she'd be happy they were all there within easy reach, and not rolling around everywhere. So, what did she do when she sat down and I handed her the container? She dumped it. Then she started yelling at the crayons when they rolled away and fell to the floor. "Stop!" "Come back here!" I shook my head and said, "The crayons are not good listeners, are they, Delaney?"

I've banned cute pajamas and nightgowns for Delaney, because she couldn't resist the temptation to strip naked during her naps, for no other reason than she could. So now she wears Gerber "unionsuits" secured at the top with a safety pin. And no, I've never stuck her, not once. I hope this buys me a few months before she finds another way to outsmart me.

Tickling her and simultaneously snapping pictures is one sure way to get pictures of her smiling.

She eats less and less, subsisting almost entirely on Carnation Instant Breakfast, and what little snacks she eats on the run. Mysteriously, the Number 2 diapers keep increasing in volume and stink. Tim and I are scratching our heads over that one. How does the stuff in your diaper exceed the stuff you've eaten in the last 24, even 48 hours?

Far too busy to be bothered with a real meal, Delaney pauses to munch on Cheerios at a playground.

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