Friday, August 28, 2015

Timmy's First Day of School

Yesterday was the little man's big day when he finally got to ride the bus with his sisters. There was nothing cuter than the sight of him walking around proudly with that big backpack on. He is in half-day pre-k at the same school as Annie. The bus picks him up with the rest of the kids at 7 a.m., and then the bus takes him right back to our front door at a little after 11. This is a very easy school year for me, indeed!

The day before that there was a meet & greet for Timmy's class with the new teacher. The one who had come to our house for the home visit was a sub. Tim came to that too, and it was very nice.
Timmy found his own cubby (even though it says "Timothy" instead of "Timmy") and hung his backpack up in it. He put the school supplies we'd brought into the designated bins. We met his teachers and talked to a couple of the other parents. The little girl two doors down is in his class. Then he made himself right at home in the comfy reading corner.
The next day before dawn, I got him and his sisters up and ready for the day, then out to the sidewalk for the obligatory sign-holding photo. I guess Annie decided she was done with these and would not smile, not even for a Mento.
Around his neck he wore a tag that had his name and teacher's name on it; as well as another tag that has his name and my name, address and phone number. Another tag clipped to his backpack had all the same information. I said, "I think he'll make it back to us."
Timmy's trying to smile for me with the rewarded Mento in his mouth, with Daddy photobombing. So silly.
Then off he went. 

At a little after 11, I went out to the porch to wait with phone in hand, eager to take some pictures as he debarked the bus. The bus drove up, stopped, the door opened, and then .. nothing happened for at least 20 seconds. I figured that getting his carseat unbuckled and getting his stuff together must be taking awhile. The bus driver said, "We got the wrong kid!" Then he laughed and said, "Just kidding." I thought, haha, sure you are. Then my little buddy appeared at the top of the stairs and stopped to buckle the chest clip of his backpack. He saw me with my camera pointed at him and smiled and waved obligingly, never one to pass up a photo op. Never mind that that the bus driver and assistant were trying to get him off the bus so they could drop off the other kids. What a ham.
Mr. P is like, "Get off my bus!":)
Once inside the door he took off his shoes and socks right away, and then showed me the folder full of papers he'd brought home. He said he hadn't fallen asleep on the way home, but he had blinked for a long time. (He was catching flies, alright.) He told me his friend Parker from soccer rode the bus too. I asked him what he'd had for snack and he said, "Nothing! They forgot snack!" 
It's been a big couple of weeks for Timmy with starting school and playing soccer for the first time. He's having a blast, having not so much time to be a couch potato, and going right to sleep every night. These are good things. Now if only I could get used to the 5:30 wake up time..

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