Thursday, August 20, 2015

24 weeks

Just thought I'd pop in quick for a pregnancy update. I haven't been doing a lot of these, but they are really nice to look back on later.

Everything's going well! I am feeling great, still in the honeymoon phase of pregnancy which is pretty much the entire second trimester for me. My only complaint, and I can't actually complain about it since it's natural and supposed to happen, is that I hardly have anything to wear. I could really use some maternity denim shorts, but I am loath to spend the money on something I'll only need for about another month or two. Even $25 at Target seems like too much. I can be a real cheapskate about certain things. I could also use more skirts and dresses that fit. My Stitch Fix dresses from a couple months ago are, as I kind of suspected at the time, too tiny. I can put them on but they fit like a second skin and leave nothing to the imagination. I don't feel too comfortable displaying myself that way, so I'll just leave them in the closet until I get my normal figure back. I did receive another Stitch Fix in July, but since I'd left my stylist in the dark about how much weight I was gaining and what I was looking for, I ended up only keeping one thing: a pair of black maternity leggings that I know will be useful when the weather finally cools off. It hurt me to buy them because they are definitely maternity with the full belly panel and everything, and I will only be using them for a short time. But.. the material seems nicer and thicker than most leggings I own, and paired with a long top, they will make it possible for me to leave the house looking respectable when I get to the point where literally, nothing fits.
These are NOT the Stitch Fix leggings. These are much thinner, and therefore tolerable to wear in summer. The dress is ironically, from GapKids and not remotely maternity; but I tried it on on a whim a few days ago, and it fit!
I had a visit with my midwife. I have grown a lot since my last visit at 18 weeks. I now weigh 126, and my fundal height measurement was 26. I had measured behind at the 18 week checkup. At this appointment, and at the 18 week one, a midwife apprentice was also there. I like her a lot too. She will be assisting my midwife at the birth. I am really happy to know that I will have these two taking care of me.

This little man remains very active, kicking and bouncing from one side to another. My belly has become a magnet for Delaney and Annie's hands, and I have to check the urge to be like, "What do you want? Why are you touching me?" Annie, especially, will take every opportunity to touch, hug, or brush up against my belly. She can't help herself. Despite feeling some aversion, I relax and allow them to rest their hands or their ears on their baby brother's home. It is special that they are taking an interest, and I am glad they do. They understand what that growing bulge means, and they are fascinated. Timmy couldn't care less. He doesn't get what all the fuss is about. When people ask him if he's excited about a baby brother, he says no. He says it with a smile, though -- not upset but just being honest about it: a baby brother is not something to be excited about in his world. It's not like a car or a truck, or his Ninja Turtles t-shirt. (Sigh) My little buddy.. I hope he doesn't have too hard of a time adjusting to not being the baby anymore. We need to give him lots of extra love in the coming months.

We haven't bought anything for this baby yet, or done a single thing to get ready, but there is still plenty of time. The plan as of now is to do most of the Christmas shopping next month, and after that we will focus more on baby stuff. Still, I am always keeping an eye out on our local moms resale Facebook page, in case I see something I can't pass up. I have my Ergo carrier, a sling, a few receiving blankets and onesies. We'll be needing to get pretty much everything else! It will be fun, though, whenever we finally get around to it.

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