Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day in the Life: Spring 2014

It's time for another quarterly Day in the Life hosted by Laura at Navigating the Mothership.  Laura is currently babymooning after the birth of her third child.  Congratulations again, Laura, on the birth of sweet baby Lily!

Today is Thursday, April 24, 2014

5:45 a.m. My alarm goes off.  It's so hard to get out of this comfy bed, but if I stay here I won't get that 30-minute head start on the kids.  It makes such a difference for a non- morning person like myself to have just a little while to collect myself before I have to turn all my attention on them.  By the time I get done brushing my teeth and making the bed, only 15 minutes remain before they're all up.  I get my coffee and offer a very unenthusiastic good morning to my husband.  He's tried to get Delaney up a little early since she's been liking that extra time with her dad the past two mornings.  But this time, he reports, she isn't budging.  I say that's too bad since she's going to have to get up in 10 minutes anyway.  She comes out a few minutes later in her pajamas, on all fours like a dog -- happy at first, and then completely dejected after she realizes she's not EARLY, just on time.  She lies down in a heap on the floor and won't move, even though she now has to start getting ready for school.  Tim somehow convinces her to go get dressed and brush her teeth.  Once she's done with that, she comes back out and flops down on the floor again.  Ah, mornings are so much fun.
Top right:  Tim brings a lot of food to work to fuel him through some long days -- fruit, almonds, lots of water, egg salad and tuna salad.  Good thing he has his own office because P.U.
6:15 to 6:55 a.m. Tim lets Timmy out, who finds Delaney lying on the floor and says, "What's wrong, Duwaney?" She doesn't answer.  Tim leaves for the work, the kids eat Dinosaur egg oatmeal, I fix Delaney's hair and clean her ear piercings, and then I send her out the door to get the bus.  I say, "Bye, have a fun day at school!"  Timmy waves and says, "Bye, Duwaney!"  She doesn't reply.  Ugh.  How many more days of school left?
6:55 to 9 a.m. After Delaney leaves, there is a long time before we have to be anywhere else.  I change Timmy's diaper.  I noticed as I snapped that picture of him above, that I haven't done that yet.  It's different now that he comes out versus me going in to get him.  I'm still not used to it.  I turn on Sprout for Annie and Timmy.  I put breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.  I check email and Facebook while drinking my second cup of coffee.  I start a load of laundry.  I get dressed.  I break up fights between Annie and Timmy.  I make two eggs which, in addition to the banana I had earlier, are my breakfast.  I pack a cooler of snacks and water because after PiYo we'll be going to the turtle park with a friend from bible study and her little boy.  It's a beautiful day.  Annie and Timmy play with their sidewalk chalk on the driveway for the last few minutes before it's time to leave.
9 to 10:30 a.m. We go to the Y, and I drop the kids off in the babysitting room and get to the PiYo room about 10 minutes for the class starts.  It's a good thing I did.  There isn't much room left to lay down my mat.  I'm squished into a corner.  It is a fun class and very popular.  Once that's over, we leave for the turtle park just a few miles down the road.
10:45 a.m. to noon. We have a nice time there with Bethany and her youngest, Nicky.  We chat about this and that while the kids play.  As far as this gorgeous weather goes, Tim and I have the windows open all the time and are loving it.  (We are also looking forward to a break from $500 electric bills.)  The turtles and fish eagerly gobble up the bread the kids toss in.  Everything is so green this time of year.  At noon, Bethany suddenly realizes she's late to get her 5-year-old from preschool.  Good thing her preschool is literally two minutes down the road.  She scoops up Nicky and takes off in a hurry, and we leave right after because now I'm hungry.  
Noon to 1:15 p.m.  Lunchtime.  Annie and Timmy each get a hot dog and a yogurt.  Annie also gets tomato soup, her current favorite thing to eat for lunch.  Timmy gets half an avocado too.  I reheat one of last night's chicken enchiladas for myself, and have the other half of the avocado on the side.  We departed from our old recipe because Tim thought it was too fattening.  It really is, so I stopped making it but I started to really miss enchiladas.  Last night I tried making lighter enchiladas from Skinnytaste, and they were pretty yummy.  I overcooked the chicken, but otherwise they were a win.  And since considerably fewer dairy products go into the making of these (1 cup of cheese sprinkled over the top of the whole thing and that's all), I am helping Tim maintain his girlish figure.  They are so much easier on the belly too.  I like this meal even better the next day.  So much so that I get out another enchilada and another half of an avocado and I eat it all again.  I guess the only drawback to skinny enchiladas is you need to eat twice as much to feel full, but I bet those two enchiladas are still way better for me than one of the old super heavy ones.

The kids each pick something from their Easter baskets after that, and I have a handful of chocolates from the bowl on the counter.  While we were in Massachusetts last week Tim's Aunt Jayne gave us homemade candy to take home and put in the kids' Easter baskets.  I'm not sure if it was she or one of her daughters who made these, but I love the little details, like this little chickie.  Almost too cute to eat!
1:15 p.m. I put Timmy down for a nap, send Annie upstairs for quiet time, and then put a little sign on the front door that says 'knock, please.'  I am expecting someone at around 2 to buy a high chair I posted on Craigslist, and I don't want them ringing the doorbell.  After I get the kitchen cleaned up and the clothes in the dryer, I lie down on the couch instead of the bed for my nap, so I'll be able to hear the knock.  When I'm expecting somebody, I keep imagining I hear things, and now is no different.  Every few seconds I'm like, 'What's that?'  It's a wonder that I do manage to doze off for about a half hour.  I feel refreshed when I wake up.  I make a cup of green tea and sit down to read some blogs.  Then I go back to my room and start folding laundry on the bed, keeping my ear out all the while because it's past 2 and they haven't shown up.  I've started to forget all about them when I'm jolted by the sound of the stupid doorbell at 2:45.  It is loud enough to wake the dead.  Grr.  The doorbell is immediately followed by a knock.  (sigh)  My buyer is apologetic as she pays for the high chair.  It's quite alright, naptime is almost over anyway.  
3 p.m. Naptime/quiet time is over and soon Delaney will be home. Timmy is wanting cuddles when he gets up.  It's times like this that I think being a stay-at-home mom is the best job in the world.  There's nowhere else I'd rather be than right here cuddling my boy who's still sleepy from his nap.  I am truly grateful.
3:10 p.m. Annie helps me get the recycling bins while we wait for Delaney to get off the bus.  I'm hoping she gets off the bus in a better mood than when she got on.  I've had a nice long break but this day is about to get busy again.
Once Delaney's home and they're both inside they chatter excitedly about how tomorrow is Friday and now that Easter has come we can have fun Fridays again.  Delaney says, "I know what movie I want to see."  She runs over to the entertainment center and pulls out Barbie in a Mermaid Tale.  Annie says, "You read my mind, girl."  I chuckle.

The plan for dinner, as far as I know, is to heat up the last of the Easter ham and make mashed potatoes to go with it.  I believe Tim has a softball game at 8, and he'll come home and eat with us at about 5:30 beforehand.  But Tim calls a little while later and asks if we want to come watch his game at 6, and we'll go home and have dinner afterward. Um, OK.  I say, "Sure, why not?"  He wants me to be ready with water and snacks packed, especially for me, when he gets home.  Delaney is already done with her math homework, and she doesn't have spelling tonight because they took the test a day early, because tomorrow they're going on a field trip.  I tell her she has to do her reading in the car.  I try to get all the laundry put away, and throw some Halos (little oranges), cheese snacks, crackers and Pistachios in a bag.  Can't have anyone getting hungry.
5:10 or thereabouts, we leave for base in Tim's truck.  Delaney forgot her book and I decide she'll be skipping her 20 minutes of reading tonight.  I don't know why we have to be SO early, but Tim likes being early.  He's the first one there from his team.  We have a nice time at the game.  We stay in the bleachers next to the dugout.  The kids are mostly contained, and I only have dispense snacks, make sure they don't throw dirt at each other's faces and don't make a nuisance of themselves.  Of course they have no interest in the game.  I try to get their attention when it's going to be Daddy's turn at bat, and he hits the ball every single time, but they are too busy playing to notice. Timmy gives Tim a hug every time he comes back to the other side of the fence.  I'm glad I brought sweatshirts because once the sun starts to go down and the breeze picks up, it gets pretty chilly.
7:45 p.m. We get back home and I put the kids in the bath for just a few minutes to get the dirt off.  This is an unusually late night for the kids on a school night.  Normally they are in bed and fast asleep at this point. Tim makes a box of mac 'n cheese to have with the ham.  Once the kids are in their pajamas and I've cleaned the girls' ear piercings, we all sit down for a quick dinner.  After dinner, Delaney's favorite song "Carolina" comes on again and I let them listen to it before they go to bed.  I try to capture on video Delaney singing along, but Timmy's closer and he kind of drowns her out.  It's not a good video at all but it is kind of cute, and I know one day we'll all watch it and say, "Aw.."
8:30 to 10 p.m. The kids go to bed without a peep.  I sit down at the computer and plug in the camera card.  I smile when this one pops up:
Tim took this a few days ago after the girls tried on their new bathing suits and sunglasses from Grandma.  I immediately post it to Facebook.  While I'm on there I am treated to this old photo my sister Anna posted:
That's my brother Scotty and I carrying Anna in the box circa 1987.
I am such a fan of Throwback Thursdays even though they make me feel old.  Look at that little old TV with the rabbit ears!   

Normally Tim and I watch a show or two before bed, but we don't have much time left before we're ready to crash.  What little time remains is spent preparing for the next day.  Tim brings all his gear in from the garage and inventories it because he's getting ready to check out of his unit.  It is so nice to see him sitting there with all of his gear out because he's getting ready to turn it in -- not getting ready to take it 7000 miles away.
"Do you want me to pose?" he asks.
"Try this on," he says, meaning the pack that weighs half as much as I do.  Perfect opportunity for my last selfie of the day.  
As I'm getting ready for bed I catch sight of another basket full of clean and folded laundry that I think has probably been there since before we left for MA.  I remark to Tim about how much stuff we have, that we don't even miss a basket of clean laundry that's been sitting there for nearly two weeks.  He says, "What do you mean, we?"  I shoot back, "Yes, I mean we.  We are in this together, whether you like it or not.  The good and the bad.  From now until forever everything is 'wewewewewewe'!"  He smiles as he listens to my little speech.  "You have to go to the bathroom?"  It drives me nuts how he tries to correct me in the use of "we."  When we got to the Raleigh airport last weekend and I said, "We forgot sweatshirts!" he replied, "I didn't forget anything."  Hmmmph.

At 10 I go to bed and in no time I'm fast asleep.


  1. Haha, I love the little couples chat at the bottom ;) Andy you look sooo tiny with that giant pack on!
    Such a busy day. I can't wait until the day when I can be more relaxed about my kids eating dinner or staying up later than normal. Right now they still get so out of whack and it totally stresses me out when we are off our schedule by more than 1/2 hour. It's easier with my oldest, but the other two, forget about it.
    Love the pictures of your trio in their bathing suits - such a cute sibling pic!
    Thanks for sharing your day :)

    1. Thanks, Mama T! I try to remember to throw things like that in because it helps capture what life is really like and what WE are really like. Cheesy.:)

      As far as schedule goes, there was a time not long ago when it would have taken an act of Congress for me to keep these kids up past their bedtime. I was scared to death that one late bedtime or one day with a missed nap would throw us all off and the kids would never voluntarily go to bed again. Now I know it's OK now and then to change things, and we can always go back to the regular routine. There's one thing I've never tried though -- an entire month of no routine, no naps, bedtimes whenever -- and the thought really scares me. That's going to be our June, and it is daunting. I am just hoping that when we finally get settled and stop traveling (late June, early July?) that I can get things back to the way they were!

    2. Wowah- traveling for a whole month with 3 kiddos?! Where are you headed? Is it a fun trip or work related? I bet they do better than you expect :)

    3. We are moving out of our house at the end of this month, and we were kind of sort of expecting to have a house on base in SC to move into before we went on our Florida vacations. But that's not how it worked out, and no one who has any affiliation with the military would be surprised to hear that.:) They still haven't given us any word on when we might get a house, so it looks like we'll be living out of bags for an another another after we are done with our FL vacations on June 20. I'm just praying that we are moved into a house by the second week of July, because we have family coming to visit the third week and they've already bought plane tickets. We're starting to stress out a little, and thinking maybe renting a house off base will be the way to go because at least we won't have to wait around forever to find out if/when we're getting a house!

  2. This sounds a lot like my day except my oldest isn't in K full day quiet yet and we will soon be back all those bags for deployment instead of unpacking them. It looks like your days are full of fun and I look forward to following along!

    1. Hi Kate! I'm so glad to have a fellow military mom find me. I'm going to be following you too. Sorry to hear about the upcoming deployment.:/

  3. Noooooooooooooo! She rang the door bell? Even with the note. She's lucky that nap time was almost over. :) That was one of my pet peaves when my daughter was younger and didn't sleep as well as she does now (that and the neighbor with the loud muffler - grrr).

    Oh, and we have been doing Friday movies nights after reading in your past posts about this. Why did I never think of it earlier. Such a great idea.

    I always think it would be a great idea to wake up earlier than my kid, but I usually need that sleep and even if I do get up earlier, the moment I get out of bed it seems to wake her up too. Oh well.

  4. This reminds me I was going to start trying to get up before the kids after your last ditl post. Oops. I just really love sleeping. Good luck on your upcoming move!

  5. Being up before the kids really does help make the mornings go more smoothly! I try to do it whenever I can, but I also love my sleep!

    I chuckled that your buyer still rang the bell. It never fails at our house that a delivery or a politician or a kid offering lawn mowing services shows up during nap time and our dog announces their arrival. And yet they still ring the bell, even though it's obvious they're standing on my porch. Grrrrr. :)

    That pack is huge!