Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter portraits

I don't think I've had Easter photos taken of the kids since that cheesy one of the girls at Sears a few months before Timmy was born.  Ugh, those ugly fake backgrounds.  I'm so glad I remembered to do it this spring, and really glad I got my talented friend Ashley of Ashley Kenner Photography to do them.  The kids knew that we would go to Cow Cafe if they were cooperative, and they were very cooperative for the most part.  Annie is in a phase where, when told to smile, she'll just show you her teeth, and it's frustrating because she has such a beautiful smile.  What it is, I've noticed, is she needs the photographer to do something funny instead of telling her to smile.  Her preschool pictures are always the best because whoever does them is a complete clown who eats bubbles and things like that.  But we got a couple of real (little) smiles out of her anyway.  I was especially delighted to how the pictures of Timmy turned out.  I hadn't been watching for about half the session, since I was in a gazebo filling out paperwork.  Timmy's dapper poses with that hat and tie .. to die for!  I've got to dress him like that more often.

Looking through these photos, I'm amazed at how unique and precious all of them are.  And I am struck again by how little they resemble each other or their parents.  They are completely their own little people.


  1. So cute, and oh my gosh, Timmy looks so old. I seriously looked at the first picture and was wondering who the heck that was!!!

  2. Your kids are so beautiful! Timmy looks so old, that last picture of him belongs in a magazine. Kudos to any photographer who can 3 kids to look & smile at the same time :)

  3. So sweet! I love the one of the 3 of them on the bench :) And your son looks soooo grown up all of a sudden! Great pictures!