Sunday, May 11, 2014

A perfect May weekend

I told Tim the other day that lately I'm just living for weekends, and he said, "Isn't that what everybody does?"  Yeah, but it's May, and we're so close to being done with school for the year, done with being up at 5:45 every weekday morning .. I never get used to it.  I drag myself out of the bed, and sleepwalk through the first hour of the day, and somehow go through all the necessary steps to get everyone going.  Then there's every afternoon with the "Hi Delaney, how was your day?" followed by nag, nag, nag to get an oppressive load of homework completed while her siblings run around outside.  Then there's the old witching hour every afternoon, with kids hovering around the kitchen glowering at me (Annie!) or whining or fighting amongst themselves.  There's the making of dinner, which is going much better since I have a good system in place, but still gets old.  I know that none of these things are out of the ordinary in the life of any mom, and I know that I have it a lot better than most.  I am just so ready for a change of scenery, and knowing we are this close makes all the little frustrations seem bigger.  I am always so relieved when I can say another week is done.  And on weekends, the witching hour does not exist.  And I get to sleep in. Weekends are magical.

I especially couldn't wait for this weekend.  Since this was our first Saturday in several weeks that we haven't had soccer games, I was giddy with anticipation of finally going to the beach.  So giddy that I attempted this horrible sketch of what's supposed to be a happy person with sunglasses on.  Once I put something on the whiteboard, it is a sure thing.  I just hoped the weather would cooperate.  When I checked the forecast first thing Saturday morning, it said clouds all day and high in the 80s, and I was OK with that as long as it didn't rain.
We got there at 20 of 9, and there was exactly one other family arriving at the same time as we were.  It was kind of overcast and just a slight chill in the air, but it warmed up quickly.  As the morning went on, more and more people came.  The water was way too cold for Tim and me, but the girls jumped right in.  Timmy played at the edge.  They were all so happy.  Timmy must have told me about five different times, "I love the beach and I love the water."  Me too, Buddy!

I could have stayed there all day, but eventually we started to run low on water and we could tell the kids were getting tired even though they wanted to keep playing.  We left around 12:30.
Wearing my new Bruno Mars hat as an extra layer of sun protection.  Too little too late, says the big wrinkle between my eyes, but I still like it.
I may have slept in but Tim did not, so we had this delicious lunch, and not just the leftover pizza I would have thrown into the cooler.
Timmy doing his own version of sun salutations.  I don't know where he gets it from -- I've never done any of this stuff at home.  Maybe I should.  He seems to be a natural.
At some point later in the day, Tim sneaked them out to get my Mother's Day gift.  I wondered later why Tim would buy me live flowers when we're moving in two weeks.  But then I remembered that a) I asked him to never buy me another expensive bouquet of dead flowers again; and b) he knows I won't keep them alive for very long anyway.:)  They are so pretty, aren't they?
The next day we went to Mass, and for whatever reason -- we just felt like it, I guess -- the girls and I dressed up a little more than we usually do.  We wore our Easter stuff.  Now from what I've observed, in the south people always dress up for church.  At first that made me uncomfortable -- probably because I was wearing jeans --  but then I got a few dresses and I actually like it now and appreciate it.  Still, I immediately noticed that everybody else looked extra nice today and there were lots of new faces besides, just like on Easter Sunday.  When we got inside, we saw all the little First Communicants waiting in the back and I was like, 'So that's why!'  We dressed up for them without meaning to.  When I saw those kids, including a little boy who lives down the street, filing down the aisle with their hands folded prayerfully, I was surprised to find myself getting choked up.  I can't believe that's going to be Delaney next year!  She was just a baby.  They were all just babies!  It goes so fast.  

When we got home I asked Tim to take this picture of us.  Annie refused to smile.  Ornery Annie, we love you so.
As I look at this picture I couldn't be happier or prouder to be their Mama.  This is what I was born to do.  They are some incredible little people and each one of them has brought us so much joy.  I love my family so much, and this fun weekend with them was such a gift -- the perfect reward after a long week.  


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend! Love the picture of you and the kiddos too, even ornery Annie. ;)

    1. Thanks! Every family has to have one, right?

  2. What a perfect day! I wish we lived close to the beach