Thursday, March 14, 2013

This and that

I like March so far.  Winter is just about over, we're keeping busy, and time is flying.  I just realized as I was posting my monthly jellybeans photo, that with the family visits, a holiday, and a birthday coming up, the next two months are probably going to be a blur.  That is fine by me.  Although I have not done anything to get ready for Annie's birthday party on May 11 (other than make a reservation), and that will sneak up on me.

With Tim's encouragement, I pampered myself a few days ago.  I got a haircut and a spa pedicure.  It was sooooo nice.  I'd been complaining about my hair for awhile.  I'd only gotten it trimmed at my last appointment about a month ago, and it felt like it was still way too long.  I couldn't do anything with it, and blow-drying it took forever.  My hair feels so much lighter with all that hair gone, and now I can dry it in five minutes (which might motivate me to style it more often instead of just throwing it in a ponytail).

Tim of course wanted to see, so I put on my recently acquired Target dress and springy wedge heels (that I've owned for at least 8 years but have worn maybe a handful of times) to snap my photo.  Then I emailed it to him with the subject line  "new hair, new dress, new toes."  I'm pretty pleased with myself as you could probably tell since I'm striking a little pose.
Here's a better view of my hair.  
Mirror self-portraits are tricky.  No matter which direction my eyeballs are looking, it looks wrong.
Other side of my hair and self-timer.  That's better.  Tim complained about the toothbrushes in the background.  It's a bathroom!
The kids are keeping me busy almost nonstop, but they are also entertaining me.  The other day we were getting ready to go for a bike ride around the block and I was reminding Annie to put on her helmet.  She said, "Oops, I can't forget that."  I said, "Yeah, you've got to protect your head.  You know what's inside your head, right?"  "Bugs," she answered.  I laughed and said, "Annie you're so funny.  Your brain is in your head, not bugs!"  Smiling, she said, "And it's also called my noodle."  Noodle -- they must use that word at school.  Funny.

I overheard a conversation between Delaney and Annie in the back of the car another time.  Delaney was telling Annie that her class had had perfect attendance, and the principal brought in a giant bearcub to sit in the classroom as a reward, and it gets to stay there for a few days.  Annie said, "Do you get to keep it even if you're mean?" (kind of a random question, but that's Annie.)  After a pause, Delaney said thoughtfully, "Actually, I don't ever be mean.  I'm the smallest one in the class, but I'm also the gentlest."  I thought, 'Aw..'

It is also funny to me how when Annie is talking, Delaney will be smiling patiently as if she's thinking, 'The things these kids say..'  She makes an attempt to tactfully correct Annie and I marvel at the difference 22 months make between the two of them, especially lately.  The only time the difference was more pronounced was when Annie was a newborn and Delaney was soon to be 2.

Delaney brought home her second report card this week, and she's come a long way since fall.  The teacher wrote that that she is now at a proficient reading level for kindergarten (as of the fall assessment she was a "non reader").  The teacher also noted that she's continued to progress since the January assessment, and she is looking forward to seeing where she is in May.  I myself have noticed that in her reading aloud she seems to be improving in leaps and bounds even in just the last few weeks.  I love to see her enjoying reading so much, since I have always thought books are some of the best things ever.  I'm going to have to have to compile a summer reading list for us. 

I feel like this is reading like an annual Christmas letter except in March (maybe that's the way all my posts are?), but I can't help myself.  Brag I must.  Those who love us will love it, and those who don't probably aren't reading in the first place.

She had her first soccer practice ever a few days ago.  She had fun.  I took a few pictures when I wasn't chasing after Timmy.
This little boy is in her class too.
Timmy found someone to play with him.
The nicer weather and increased hours of daylight have seen us outside more in the afternoons.  I took this picture of the three of them sitting on top of Tim's truck.  Their faces make me so happy.
New Facebook cover photo


  1. You look great! Glad to hear March is treating you well :)

  2. Hi, found your blog through Navigating the Mothership's Winter version of Day in the Life. I'm also a military wife, I like reading other military wife/family blogs to see how life is treating them. You have a beautiful family, I love the jelly bean idea. Take care, hope you don't mind I've added you to my favorites. ~Cyn

    1. Hey, I'm glad you found me and like reading what I have to say. I too am always on the lookout for another military family blog.