Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Timmy at 17 months

Timmy is a bright, curious, affectionate, and funny little boy.  He observes everything we do, and he files away every little thing so he can try it himself.  I love the way he "blows his nose," putting the tissue to his face, squinching up his nose, and making loud sniffing and snorting noises.

He's become more attached to his "Lovey" this month.  He's treating it like Annie used to, wanting to carry it around with him wherever he goes.  Whenever he reaches for it, he pops his thumb in his mouth simultaneously.  It's funny how similar he is to Annie with that habit.  Annie would grab her Lovey and sort of suck the inside of her mouth to soothe herself.  I try to hide Lovey at bathtime because he'll cry during the whole bath and refuse to sit in the tub because I won't let him take his soft, fuzzy friend with him.  Silly boy.

He gives us lots of hugs and kisses when he's in the mood.  Sometimes he just wants to sit in my lap, and I love the way he relaxes against me and lets me hold him for a few minutes.  There's nothing in the world like holding a soft, squishy little boy close.
He's acquired a few new words this month, some of them only in the last couple weeks:
Na-na (banana)
My favorite was while we were in Massachusetts when I called to him and Annie, "Who wants to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house?"  I heard, "Me!" from Annie, and a second little voice call out, "Me!" and I thought, 'Was that Timmy?'  Then Annie said, "Mommy, Timmy said, 'Me!'"  The girls think it's amazing when Timmy says a word.  Really, we all do.  I said to them once, "Timmy will say more and more things, and then one day he'll be talking just like you."  Delaney said, "Yeah, he'll be saying sentences."
Most of the time he still communicates with lots of wordless exclamations, pointing, and wide eyes as he waits for us to understand.  Sometimes I know what he means, and other times I say, "Mister, you've got to use some words."  I wish I hadn't been too lazy to teach him signs.  We'll be sitting down to eat and he'll point at the table, saying "uh," and I pick up one thing, saying, "You want this?"  No.  "This?"  No.  I've heard people say it's not too late to start signing, but it feels too late to bother.

It's a little tougher to change his clothes and diapers because he gets mad when I try to hold him still.  Sometimes I need to hold him still for a couple minutes because he does some really messy poos.  It's understandable that he doesn't want to lie there and allow me to wipe him so many times.  These poos need to start solidifying!

He hasn't been eating all that great lately.  Bananas and raisins are the only things that he can be relied on to eat all the time.  Sometimes he'll put things in his mouth and spit them out.  He chews apples into a thousand pieces and then lets them fall out of his mouth. Sometimes he will brush things off his tongue while saying, "Ah.."  He does like pickles, which is strange because I know I didn't like them until I was around 20.  Usually he just wants a couple bites, not the whole thing.
He tries to run now and it is so funny watching his feet move so fast while the rest of his body tries to keep up.  His arms don't swing with any rhythm, they just go this way and that.  He careens around the house, missing doorways and corners by a hair.  He falls down often and gets up and takes off again.

He follows simple instructions like "throw that in the trash",  "put that in the toy bin", or "go get your truck."

Sometimes he'll say "Mama" or "Dada," and we'll answer, "Bud-dy!" again and again.

We love our happy-go-lucky little guy.

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  1. Cute update! My daughter does the same thing when Jake tries to say a new word, sometimes she almost gets more excited than me! It is so cute to watch the sibling interaction!