Monday, January 28, 2013

Timmy at 18 months

Timmy is turning out to be a smart little monkey.  He has figured out safety locks on the cabinets.  We've got a whole arsenal of toxic goodies under the kitchen sink.  I just put one of those plastic things that goes across the knobs on that cabinet, and hopefully that will work.  Even better would be if I take the really yucky stuff out of there and find a really high spot for it.  I think that's what I'll do.
People ask where Timmy got his dimples, and actually it's me.  They've kind of gone away over the years as I lost my baby fat.  I was thrilled to see them reappear on my Timsy's face.
Here I am in 1984 with my brother Scotty.  The quality of this photo isn't so great, but  see the dimples?
He is still into putting things together and taking them apart; putting things in and taking them out.  He loves to throw trash away.  Thank goodness he hasn't figured out the lock on the trash can lid, so I get to observe everything he throws away.

He wants to be included in everything the girls are doing.  It can be tricky trying to balance their desires for more crafts and art projects with his desires to climb up on the table and wreak havoc with all the materials.  I try to get him into his chair and then I give him just enough of the thing that they're doing to keep him content.  Sometimes it works.  Often it works for only about 10 minutes and then I have to keep appeasing him with other things so he isn't just crying in his chair.  It is no fun to do anything when Timmy is sitting there crying.  I've been wanting to get out one of Delaney's crafts that she got for Christmas -- rocks and acrylic paint -- but I'm too scared to get out anything that's not washable.  Unfortunately for her, there's no getting away from Timmy.  We could do it during afternoon nap and then only poor Annie gets left out.  Her attention span is only a little longer than Timmy's right now anyway.
His vocabulary hasn't changed much.  He says and signs "more."  He also said "ca-con" (popcorn) this month.  When his sisters say, "Yay!" he does too.  But he's still mostly in the grunting and pointing stage, and he definitely hasn't put together any sentences.  I mentioned in my Day in the Life that we'd started using signs.  Those are helping alleviate the frustration when he's trying to let me know what he wants.  I seem to remember Annie's speech really took off after the 18-month point so maybe that will happen with Timmy.

He's such a determined little man, and sometimes I wish I didn't have to give him any boundaries.  He wants to do it all.  He swings his little arms angrily at me several times a day when I tell him no or take something away that he's not supposed to have.  If he could he would say, "Bad mama!"  "Mean mama!"  I am a meanie.  I'm like, 'Sorry kid, it's not my job to keep you happy.  It's to keep you ALIVE!'
I took him for a checkup today, and he is 24.7 pounds and 32.3 inches.  He is still growing right along his curve, and he's about average compared to his peers.

He is a huge flirt.  Whenever we are out and about he always tries to catch the eye of any random adult because he knows they will smile and say hi.  We were in line at the post office once and he walked around to the side of the man right in front of us and just stood there staring up at him and smiling.  He was like, 'I know you want to look down and notice me.  Aren't I adorable?'  Just today at the health clinic, he was making eyes at a woman who looked to be middle-age, and she laughed and said, "He's going to be a heartbreaker."  Then with a sigh she turned to me and said, "Enjoy these days, every minute of them, even when you want to tear your hair out.  It goes by so fast!"  Yeah I know, I know..:)


  1. I really wonder what the interaction would be like between Timmy & Oliver. They sound so much alike!

    Oliver is much more physical when he's mad in a way that Bella never was. I feel a little out of my league with how to curb hitting and throwing. Yikes.

  2. I have really been thinking of you lately: I went back to Vancouver on a solo trip with my kids, and came home to my husband away on a business trip. Overall, I have been single-parenting for three weeks. And it's given me a bit of PTSD, seriously, because I HAVEN'T been alone for a couple of months now, and I had forgotten. It's lonely, and tiring, and yet totally normal and doable. Anyway, just wanted you to know I was sending good energy your way.

    1. Thank you for that. I am eagerly counting down to the one-month anniversary his leaving -- 10 more days!! I still think you're braver than me, doing all that traveling alone with your kids!