Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana

September is almost over.  Auntie Karen has already come and gone.  Tim's younger sister stayed here from the 14th through the 19th.  She was excited to meet her first nephew.  Timmy took to her pretty well.  He smiled at her a lot.  When he was fussy, she would carry him around and he would fall asleep.  She discovered that fresh air makes him really happy too.  We took a walk the last night she was here, and she carried him kind of facing out.  It was nice and cool and breezy out, very unusual September weather here.  He was so relaxed and alert, just looking around and occasionally appearing surprised as he felt a breeze on his face.  We joked that the poor kid doesn't even know what fresh air is.  He's been inside in the air-conditioning his whole life.
Karen got off easy this time.  I didn't put her to work like a slave the way I did last time.  But she helped me out so much, occupying the girls, cleaning up the kitchen after meals, and reminding me that it's time to get new kitchen sponges.  She did that when she visited in June too!  What am I going to do the next time my kitchen sponges get old and grungy and Karen isn't here to tell me?  I got a pack of three new kitchen sponges at the commissary today.  They are nice.  They will probably last until our trip to Massachusetts in November.

Aside from a trip to the dentist, Target and Delaney's school, we didn't go many places this time.  For the most part, we just hung around here.  Karen and the girls did a lot of crafting at the table and playing upstairs.  We did go to the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores on that rainy Saturday.  We loved it!  It was small, but just perfect for little kids.  The girls had so much fun.  Delaney kept saying, "Can we see more fish?  Pretty please?"  We walked through twice because she rushed us through the first time.  Her favorite creatures were the stingrays because she could touch them.  In typical Delaney fashion, she got the whole front of her shirt and her pigtails wet, in an effort to get closer to the stingrays.  If she'd tried to jump in, it wouldn't have surprised me.  She even talked me into touching them when I was a little hesitant.  I was charmed by the stingrays, particularly the small ones who seemed to be trying to get our attention, flapping their fins out of the water, and swimming right for our outstretched hands.  Annie was not interested in touching the stingrays, but she liked looking at all the fish.
We all sat down in front of the live shipwreck tank to watch the divers swim with the sharks and all the other fish.  There was a Q&A session with the divers.  Delaney raised her hand and waited patiently for 2 to 3 minutes to get called on.  When the man with the microphone passed her by the first time, she stood up and kept her hand raised.  I couldn't wait to hear what she had to say, and when it was at last her turn, I took video.  I love Delaney!

If Karen had known about all our other house guests, I don't know if she would have come.  We've got giant cockroaches in the kitchen and my bathroom.  We've got fruit flies that started in the kitchen and have pretty much taken over the house.  They are driving me crazy!  I've tried two kinds of homemade traps involving apple cider vinegar and red wine vinegar.  These are exceptionally smart flies that know not to go inside.  I've also poured bleach in all my drains.  The Orkin man is coming this afternoon.  I hate bugs, especially when they're landing on the thing I'm still trying to eat or flying into the soup that I'm heating on the stove.  I remember they got bad last fall too.  We can't have anything on the counter at all.  There's also a swarm of ants on the counter behind the fish bowl.  They are loving the Terro ant trap I put there so I expected after 24 hours they'd all be gone, but they are still carrying on.  I've had it up to here with pests in and around this house.  I'm done living in the south and unfortunately, we have two more years of it at least.

Karen is probably enjoying her bug-free condo in Massachusetts and not having to worry what she'll see when she turns the light on.  Hopefully her mother is not being scared away by reading this.  The Orkin man is coming and they will all be gone by the time you get here!  And did I mention, the bugs really don't like the guest room?  

These past few weeks, I've come to the realization that I can not do it all, and I need some help with cleaning this house.  Not a book, not a website, not an app for my iPhone, some real live help.  It was getting to the point where I looked around and wanted to cry, I was so overwhelmed.  I'd go to clean my bathroom, and get as far as my sink before someone needed me.  I was such a grump to the kids.  So I hired Angela, a Marine wife who owns her own house cleaning service.  She is coming twice a month from now until whenever I feel I can get by without her (hmmph!).  She did not have time to deep-clean the entire house the first time she came, so she deep-cleaned half and lightly cleaned the other.  This Monday, she'll be deep-cleaning the half that includes the kitchen and the master bathroom.  I might just cry, I'll be so happy.  From that point on, she'll be able to clean it all in about 3 hours twice a month.  This is a real sanity saver.  I am so grateful to be able to do this, and bonus that I'm supporting a small business owned by a Marine wife.  (When I told Karen about this, I mentioned "small business" at least twice in 30 seconds.  I really like that part, and it helps me feel better about paying someone else to clean my house.:)

I had to take Karen to the airport while Delaney was at school Monday.  Delaney knew about it in advance, but still I worried she'd be upset when I picked her up from school.  She was a little sad, her shoulders slumping and her feet dragging as we walked to the car.  But she understands.  And she felt better when I reminded her that Grandma was coming to visit soon.  These visits help make fall go by faster, which gets us closer to winter, which gets us closer to February, when Tim finally comes home.

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  1. Ok, my hormones are OFFICIALLY out of control. I read the part about you trying to clean and would barely get to finish cleaning the sink, and that's when I lost it. I think something triggered in me from when Davey was born and I felt so alone and out of all kinds of control. Cleaning the house is one of those things; in my head no one can do it like me (ridiculous, I know). So, if I found a lady like you did, who would clean thoroughly and well, I think I'd cry and hug her every time.

    Good luck with the unwanted house guests! I'm neurotic about keeping the cockroaches and flies away.