Saturday, March 19, 2011

Annalise at 22 months

Mmm.. yummy!
She is getting easier to understand all the time, now that she's regularly using phrases like "carry me".  The phrases don't always make sense out of context -- for instance, she says, "Cut up me" when she wants us to cut up her food -- but she gets her point across well.  She is making her will known, and that will is usually just to have/do anything that Big Sis has/does.  This can lead to some nasty fights when there is only one of a particular thing that they both want.  Sometimes it works out well, though.  A few nights ago at bedtime, Delaney selected a Minnie Mouse nightgown to wear.  I got out a pair of footed PJs for Annie, and was about to put them on her, but she was resisting and saying, "Dress."  I was confused.  "I am getting you dressed," I said.  But Annie continued to frown and say "dress," refusing to allow me to put her feet into the PJs.  Finally I realized, "Oh, you want to wear a nightgown like Delaney.  I don't know if I have one for you, Annie."  But I looked, and somewhere in the pile was a little nightgown with chickies on it that Delaney used to wear.  I held it up triumphantly, and both sisters were delighted they would both be wearing nightgowns to bed.

My favorite thing to hear her say is "I love you too."

She's been sharing a room with Delaney now for almost a couple weeks, and that is working out well.  They love it, we love it.  Their talking and giggling together in there is music to our ears.  She's still in a crib and Delaney's in a twin.  We have the other twin for when Annie's ready, probably sometime this fall.  I see no rush to put a toddler in a "big kid" bed.  The thought of it brings back memories of Delaney's first months in a toddler bed.  *Shudder*  But I've been lucky in that Delaney didn't attempt to climb out of her crib until she was 2 1/2, and Annie hasn't yet.  Other parents might not have the choice to wait because their kids are being little monkeys who climb out.  When the crib ceases to be a safe option, into the twin she will go.

Another place in the house that she and Big Sis are bonding is the bathroom.  When Delaney has to go, she invites Annie to come with her.  She's taught Annie to wave and say "Hi pee-pee," as it's coming out.  Then she says "Bye, pee-pee," as Delaney flushes.  Same thing with poo-poo.  Then they both wash their hands.  I know it's a little bit strange, but I'm hoping all her familiarity with Delaney's toilet habits will help a lot when it's time to start potty training her.

I love how she calls pickles boats.  She points at Tim's or my plate at lunch and says, "boat."  She always wants one, but then she just tastes it and makes a face.  And every time, she expects it will be different.  In a few days, Tim's going to take us to Morehead City to see his ship/ his "boat", and she seems especially excited.  I wonder if she's picturing a big pickle sitting in the water?

I love how when she finishes a drink, she says, "All gone.  I drink it all up!"

More and more, she is wanting to do things herself.  She wants to put on her own shoes, but usually she'll say "Help" when it's not working out.  She wants to buckle herself into her carseat.  Everything is "self", "self", "self", if you try to help her.  She just wants us to know she's her own little person and she can do things too.  When she is successful, she exclaims, "I did it!"  She's growing up quickly.

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