Friday, March 25, 2011

The big question I'm pondering

Three days before Tim leaves, I find myself sitting here stressing about what I'm going to do for Delaney's birthday, which comes in July.  I already know when and where we'll celebrate Annie's, which happens in May.  We'll be in Florida with my parents, siblings and their kids, and we'll have a little celebration there.  It will be fun and it will be special, even though Annie probably wouldn't know any different even if it weren't.

Delaney is already anticipating her 4th birthday, and I want it to be great one for her.  Tim's dad is coming in July, and his being there will certainly help make it special.  But then the question is, what do we do?  I think about the type of birthday she would probably like, and I'm not sure how to make that happen in the middle of July here in NC.  A couple of the friends that I would like to invite (whose husbands are also deployed) are skipping town as soon as the kids get out of school, and going to the west coast for the summer to stay with family.  Hmm, can't really blame them.  I do have a couple of others I would like to invite because of course Delaney would want at least a few other children at her birthday party.  But then, where would I have the party?  In this house?  Boring.  We would all have to stay inside, because in July it's too hot to go outside between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.  There is no Gymboree or other fun air-conditioned kids' place that could host a party.  Then there's the issue of me being nine months pregnant and completely exhausted.  I can't help but think that a July birthday is really going to stink for her this year.  If the baby comes early, her birthday could be forgotten entirely.

Last year in July, we were in Pennsylvania with Tim's family, and that's where we celebrated her birthday.  It was so nice, and I know she loved having us, grandparents and cousins there.  A family vacation is such a convenient time and place to have a birthday, isn't it?  She's surrounded by people who love her in a setting that's already happy and fun.

So, what about a May birthday?  I looked at a calendar and calculated that if I were to have both girls' birthdays on May 28 in Florida, that would only be six weeks away from Delaney's actual birthday.  I picture balmy and breezy Florida, with cousins all around, and a beach in the backyard, and it seems like it would be perfect.  Then in July we could mark the actual day with just a birthday cake after dinner and some balloons.

I know this is laziness on my part, in my lack of creativity in thinking of a way to make her actual birthday happy and memorable, but I do think Delaney is going to benefit from my laziness this time.

I remember last year in Quantico, a friend of mine opted to have two of her kids' birthdays at once in May, right before everyone graduated school and most everybody left.  But I think her kids' birthdays were in May and June anyway, close enough.  Is six weeks close enough?  Does it really matter?

I've run this by Tim, and we can both think of one potential problem with this idea:  I might have some 'splainin' to do next year when Annie's birthday rolls around again.

I'm sure there are more pressing matters I could be attending to right now, but I've been thinking of this for weeks, and I want to make a decision soon.  I love this little girl, and I want her birthday to be the best one possible with her daddy not there.  Do I accomplish that by having her share a birthday with her sister?  Am I thinking too hard about this?

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