Sunday, March 20, 2011

Starting to freak out a little

The reality of Tim's looming departure is really setting in for me now.  We've been scurrying around all week, trying to get things done around here, with only one break for Saturday night "date night in."  I've been having trouble sleeping, and occasionally out of nowhere I get teary.  I picture certain scenarios in my mind: driving home with the girls after telling him goodbye; thinking about the way the girls' faces light up when he walks in the door every day, and they yell, "Da-da!" I can't believe I'm staring a 10-month deployment in the face.

I've turned to cleaning as a way to cope (and blogging).  I know that on Sunday we're supposed to relax, but as soon as the girls and Tim were down for naps, I started cleaning the windows inside and out, and it took me four hours.  For some reason, I feel like having clean windows will make this easier for me.  They're still not completely clean, but professional window cleaning isn't in the budget right now.  I cleaned our bathroom too, and between the two of us, we must have done 10 loads of laundry this weekend.  I kept getting frustrated at the state of our house, and they way I can't ever catch up with the housework.  And these past couple weeks, we've made it worse with all our rearranging.  It seems like once we took one thing out of its place, it all snowballed from there.  I'm not a clean freak unless I'm stressed out.

Here are the results of our efforts -- alright, mostly Tim's efforts:
What was Delaney's room is now the girls' room.  

What was Annie's room is now the guest room.  I was going to have to paint, but since it turned out Tim was here this month, he did it.  I think it turned out really well.  The bed is Annie's converted crib.  I think Annie's teeth marks on the foot of the bed add charm.  Doesn't it look nice and cozy (albeit lacking any decor)?  The mattress and bedding are brand spanking new.  Now all we need is a guest!

We celebrated our 4th anniversary on St. Paddy's Day.  Here are the flowers Tim sent me.
I told Tim earlier today we're going to have to get all caught up this week on everything that needs to be done so that we can spend our last weekend together doing something relaxing and fun, instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

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