Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a ...

Today was my 17 week visit and ultrasound.  I got to have Tim along with me for the ultrasound, and that was nice.  That's probably the only appointment he'll make it to, but it was the one that really counted!

I've decided to stick with my original due date of July 31, even though the two ultrasounds I've had place the baby's age a week ahead, and the due date around July 23.  I think my babies are just big, and those estimates are based on averages.  I don't want to expect to have the baby before July 31, but if I do, all the better.  Delaney was born 16 days before her due date, and Annalise just 3 days ahead of hers.  But who knows?  The only surprise allowed is baby's birthday.

I'd been so anxiously awaiting this day, having dreams about it every night, and just wishing I could know right now!  I have no patience.  Finally this afternoon, it was time to drop the girls off at my friend Aimee's and meet Tim at the OB's office in Havelock.  Before I left, I snapped this shot of my belly.
This time I was given no crazy instructions to drink lots of fluids and then hold my bladder until I thought it would burst (at the practice I went to with Delaney and Annalise, that's what happened, and I would almost be in tears by the time my name was called).  I was happy and comfortable in the waiting room this time, and I didn't have to wait long anyway.

The ultrasound technician asked us if we wanted to know, as soon as we walked in.  We said we already know it's a girl, but sure, tell us.  I talked about how much I liked cute baby girl clothes.

Looking at the screen, she said, "Well, you might want to rethink the pink.. not that he wouldn't look cute in it anyway, but that's definitely a boy."  She said she was "1000 percent sure."
I'm a boy!
We are so happy.  He's healthy in every way, and weighs 8 ounces.  He moved around a lot and the technician said, "He's a wiggler, huh?"  I said, "I know it -- I've been feeling that wiggling for weeks!"
Here are a couple other shots:
His bum in the air reminds me of how his big sisters sleep.
Can't wait to see what this face really looks like!
The rest of the appointment was fairly quick.  I'm doing fine, baby's doing fine, and I've only gained three pounds since last time.

I couldn't wait to tell the girls they were having a little "bother".  It had been a great day.

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