Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Delaney at 3 years, 7 months

I thought for starters, I would share a video of Delaney singing her favorite song from Barney, "Colors Make Me Happy."  One day she will probably ask me why she's hardly ever wearing a shirt in pictures or videos.  I've given up trying to keep clothes on her when she's in the house.  The other day, Tim said to her, "Do you want to put clothes on for when Miss Brandi (the babysitter) comes?"  Delaney replied very seriously, "But how will I show her my bellybutton?"

It's been a very good month for Delaney.  She continues to fascinate us and make us laugh with her questions, observations, and just the way she sees things.

Helping Daddy paint the new bookshelf
She asked a lot of questions about her origins one night at dinner.  I think she caught us both a little off guard.  She said to me, "You used to be a little girl, right?"  I said yes.  To Tim she said, "And you used to be a little boy?"  He said yes, he did.  "And I used to be a little baby?"  Tim said, "Yes, and you used to be a little baby in Mama's belly."  Delaney thought about that for a minute and said, "How did I get in Mama's belly?"  Tim said, "I put you there."  I would have said that God put her there, or she came from heaven, but he beat me to the punch.  A very curious Delaney asked, "Did Mama open her mouth?"  She must have pictured me washing her down like my daily multivitamin.  We laughed and he said something like, "I put you there, and you grew big and came out."  "Did Mama's belly burst open?"  Tim said yes it had, as I sat there thinking maybe we should tell her the truth, but at the same time not feeling quite ready.  That got me thinking .. how much truth does she need to know at 3?  How old should a kid be before they know how they really came into the world?  I think that the question of how babies are made can obviously wait several more years, but I feel a bit cowardly for allowing her to think my belly burst open in order for her to be born.  Hmm..

Delaney likes to reminisce sometimes about the "old days," which I believe were just last year.  "Mama, remember when I pooped in my underpants?"  I told her I did.  "And you cleaned me up and put me in the bathtub all by myself, and Annie wasn't allowed in?"  "Yes, I remember."  "Do you remember when I pooped on the princess potty?"  "And you dumped the poop into the big potty?"  And she'll go on and on, asking me if I remember things and laughing with delight at all these poopy memories.  She's at the age where these could be her very first memories for life.  Pooping in her underwear could be the very first thing she remembers even into adulthood.  My very first memory has to do with poop, too.  Like mother like daughter.
One afternoon, I went to check on Delaney around the time naptime should be over, and I found her in this little nest.
I'm guessing she was on a train ride with all her animals, and sleep caught her unawares.
She has turned into a little comedian this month -- or at least she thinks she has.  For instance, while we were eating lunch one day, she suddenly shouted, "You're a peanut-head!"  When I stared at her blankly, she laughed hysterically and said, "It's a joke!"  A moment later, "You're a peanut-head!"  Same reaction, same hysterical laughter and informing me that it was a joke.  "You're a peanut-head!"  To Annie: "You're a peanut-head!"  The repetition finally worked.  I started to crack up a little.  "Where did you even learn that?"  I asked her.  "Who says 'peanut-head'?"  She told me Little Bill.

She's also learned a knock-knock joke, which she loves to tell again and again.  It's the one about "Boo."  "Boo who?"  "Why are you crying?"

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