Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Annalise at 20 months

I can't remember why I started out writing out numbers as words in the titles of my update posts, but once I'd started I didn't feel I could stop.  For the sake of consistency, I had to title a post, "Annalise at seventeen months."  Well, no more.  I'm done.  I'll have to be inconsistent.  Writing out numbers is driving me crazy.

One thing that stands out about Annie this months is that she's grown longer and leaner.  She's just as tall as Delaney was last year, but skinnier.  (I know this because she's wearing the exact same jeans Delaney wore last winter, and they fit lengthwise, but are slightly loose in the waist.)  It's probably been happening gradually for months, but I think her sickness of a couple weeks ago, when she didn't want to eat for days, made us start looking anxiously at her legs and belly for signs of weight loss.  We noticed she was thinner, but I doubt it was the result of her being sick.  She's just losing her baby fat.  Her legs are still so adorable and I can't wait to see her in shorts again.
Thinner, but still squeezable
At first this was a happy month.  We had Christmas, and she was healthy and active and fun, full of smiles.  But then came the SICKNESS right after the New Year, that lasted a whole week, and that was no fun at all.  First Tim and Delaney got it, but they recovered fairly quickly.  Then Annie got it.  Right about the time I thought she was getting better, she got worse.  Much worse.  She had a hacking cough.  She was listless and drowsy, not wanting to eat or drink.  All she wanted to do was sleep.  Her eyes were watery, droopy and sad.  She ran a fever from time to time.  For about three days straight, she was only awake a total of three to four of every 24 hours.  Her lips got terribly chapped, and I'll never forget the morning I went into her room and found her with snot all over her face, and blood on her teeth.  I felt so bad for my poor baby!  Throughout the day, I coaxed and coaxed her to try this and that, food or drink.  Carmex helped a lot with the chapping, but I knew the real cause to be dehydration.  

Little by little, she got better.  On the morning of the bloody teeth, she started drinking more fluids.  Then she had  a few pieces of fruit at lunch.  But the funk she was in remained, and hung over our household like a dark cloud.  She had no interest in playing for a few more days.  Only rarely did we see her smile.  But she cuddled a lot with us.  Since she's not much of a cuddler usually, we had to at least be happy about that.
We are so glad to have our happy little girl back, the one who grabs onto Tim's hands and yells, "One.. two.. free!" so he'll lift her up into the air.  It's wonderful to see her dancing around to the songs in her Sesame Street book.  I don't even mind her going into the cabinet and rearranging all the containers and lids.  I'm just grateful she's back to her old self.  It's a relief to be getting out of the house again and seeing other people.  It was only one week, but it was a long one.

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