Tuesday, January 25, 2011

13, or maybe 14 weeks

I am now 13 weeks pregnant, and that means the start of the second trimester.  I think this was my fastest first trimester yet, most likely because having two small kids means not spending as much time thinking about the pregnancy.

I have started exercising again these past two weeks, and that's made me feel good.  It's a very modest amount -- two miles on the treadmill, a combination of running and walking.  I like to do it at 7:30 when Jeopardy! comes on, so I can try to get smarter at the same time.  But after taking almost two months off of running, I thought it best to ease back into it.  As long as I'm feeling up to it, I'll start running outside when the weather warms up.

Three weeks ago, I also started prenatal yoga, which is a nice little getaway for me in the middle of the week.  I hired a new babysitter to allow me to go when Tim can't be there.  He was gone all last week in Virginia, and in the coming weeks, he'll be gone more and more frequently.  That first class three weeks ago was my first experience with yoga.  I don't think the mommy & baby yoga class I took once and only once years ago really counted -- much more informal.  When the instructor bowed and said, "Namaste," I sat there like a bump on a log, like, why are you bowing to me, this is weird..?  I think I have improved.  Some of the poses are very challenging, and require a lot of concentration.  I haven't lost my balance and fallen yet, and that's good.  I'm not as much of a klutz as I thought.

I'm trying to be a healthier eater.  I've given up coffee completely, as I probably already mentioned.  I also gave up my one-a-day caffeine-free Diet Coke, only because I lost my taste for it.  Now I drink mostly water, but also tea and milk.  My only vice is ice cream, and while I was having it every other night for a few weeks, I've recently resolved to make it a once-weekly indulgence.  Baked Ruffles would be another vice, but I only have them with lunch a few times a week.  As my midwife had pointed out, my diet had one glaring omission: leafy green vegetables.  I didn't know what to do about that, since I just don't like them.  Then I remembered baby spinach.  I bought a bag and try to eat one salad a day.  It tastes good, actually -- better than lettuce.  I eat lots of almonds, raisins and fresh fruit between meals.

I've got a little bit of a belly bulge, but my jeans still fit.  Most of my tops do too.  I'm not quite as tired as I was during the first trimester, but I still take naps every afternoon.  I am such a grump otherwise.  I feel so bad for the pregnant moms who work full time outside the home and can't take naps!   I don't know what I'd do.  I remember when I was pregnant with Delaney, being completely exhausted every day after lunch, ready to face-plant on my desk.  I would end up having just a small third cup of coffee to try to get me over the hump.  Bad!  But Delaney never seemed to suffer for it.

Today I had an OB visit.  I almost didn't make it due to a babysitter cancelling at the last minute, but Tim was able to come home early.  So glad I didn't have to miss out on this one!  After the weighing in and the blood pressure (I've already gained 10 pounds -- yikes!), a nurse came in to listen to the baby's heart.  First she felt my uterus, and started to look a little concerned.  "Are you sure about your dates?"  she asked.  "Yes," I said.   According to my dates, I am 13 weeks, 2 days.  I'm positive about the dates.  "Why?"  I asked.  "Am I too big, too small..?"  She told me that I feel bigger.  She said based on how I felt, she would guess I was 16 weeks pregnant.  Either that or having twins.  Briefly, she listened to the heartbeat, and it sounded good.  The doctor came in and agreed that I was large for 13 weeks.  Then he asked me if I had a full bladder.  I told him it was not full, not empty either.  Maybe halfway.  I was sent to go empty it, and then go across the hall for an ultrasound.

My mind raced as I waited the 10 seconds it took for the ultrasound to begin.  I was excited because I hadn't been expecting to see the baby today.  But I was so anxious, thinking, what if it really is twins?  Or what if I'm measuring big because something's wrong..?  It's amazing the things my mind can concoct in just a few moments.

Finally, I saw the baby on the screen.  Just one baby.  Phew.  He/she looked so cute and comfy stretching out  in there.  The technician took a few measurements, and was done.  She gave me a few pictures, which made me happy.  I have posted them on Facebook, but I haven't made them blog-ready yet, so I can't post them here.  She told me the baby is measuring 14 weeks, 3 days.

Back in the exam room, the doctor checked my belly again and told me that emptying my bladder had made it go down "this much" (holding his fingers about an inch-and-a-half apart).  He said I now measure between 14 and 15 weeks, which is consistent with what the ultrasound shows.  This is almost like my pregnancy with Delaney all over again.  My due date is now 7/23.  Delaney's was 7/24.  The anatomy scan ultrasound is scheduled for 2/22.  Delaney's was 2/26.

I couldn't wait to show Tim and the girls the pictures of the baby.  Tim asked Delaney if she wanted a little brother or sister.  She said, "I want a little 'bother,'" a la Olivia.  Be careful what you ask for, Delaney!

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