Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Delaney at three years, two months

Delaney is being shortchanged this month.  We are still not back in North Carolina (leaving tomorrow), and still pretty busy, so this will not be the best update I've ever written.  But I just couldn't bring myself to skip it!

She never ceases to amaze us with her thoughtfulness and attentiveness to detail.  I told her before naptime at Auntie Karen's that if she was quiet and good (not banging on the door to the closet where her sister was sleeping), I would give her a treat.  A couple hours later, on the way to Tim's parents for dinner, Delaney said, "I was quiet at naptime."  I said, "You were, and I said I'd give you a treat if you were."  She looked very pensive and said, "But you didn't."  I said, "OK, I owe you a treat."  She notices things out of place too, and finds things that are lost.  That's good, because her mother is so forgetful.

She is very alert to our moods and to the things we say, even under our breath. I have to try to curb my talking to myself because Delaney wants an explanation for what I've just said and why. It's amazing how hard it is to come up with sometimes! And "I'm just thinking out loud," or "I'm just talking to myself" don't cut it. Apparently I talk to myself a lot, and am accustomed to being able to carry on a dialog with myself in the car. Now that dialog includes Delaney. She also wants to know why I say "ugh" or "hmm" or "grrr..".

One time recently, she was talking about something and saying, "That's funny, isn't it, Mama?" I was a little tired and exasperated, so I just said, "Yes, it was funny." She said, "You didn't laugh."

She made us laugh the other day when she put a stuffed animal under her dress and said, "There's a baby in my belly."  Then she started shaking her dress and wiggling back and forth, saying, "Shake it out!  Shake it out!"  (Would that it were so easy!)  When the stuffed animal fell out, she said, "See, I told you there was a baby in there."  I think she must have gotten that idea from seeing pregnant goats at the zoo.  I had said to her, "I think that goat has babies in her belly."
It fills us with wonder and awe to see her little mind at work.  This month was full of great experiences, and watching her soak it all in gave us a lot of joy.

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