Saturday, September 11, 2010

Massachusetts Part 1

Not quite two weeks after moving into our house in North Carolina, we packed up the girls and everything else but the kitchen sink to drive to Massachusetts.  I was worried I wouldn't have any fun at all on this trip since we had just moved in and still had so much we wanted to get done around here.  It was hard shifting gears yet again, just as the last box had been unpacked, and we were starting to get comfortable.  I was like, 'Here we go again, back to living out of suitcases.'  But it turned out I was so glad we went, especially since we hadn't been back there in more than a year.  Massachusetts holds a special place in my heart as the place where Tim was born and raised, and where our little girls' stories began, while he was Officer Selection Officer in Boston.  It was a relaxing and fun vacation, filled with great memories and priceless time with family and friends.  I'm glad we took this break, because now that we're back we can hardly sit still, with our to-do list a mile long. 

We left on the morning of August 25, and we had some MapQuest directions that were going to help us avoid a big chunk of 95.  But somehow we went astray (as the wife and navigator, it was my fault, of course), and our OnStar directions led us right back to good old 95.  It was annoying for us, since we had just done this big detour around, adding another hour to the trip.  But at least we can't mess up 95 -- just point the car north and go.  Somehow we drove through every major metro area on the east coast without running into any traffic.  That was like walking through fire and not getting burned.  Even New York City at 5:30 p.m. was a breeze.  I don't know how and I don't know why, but I was and am grateful.  The girls were champs like they always are.  We arrived at Tim's sister Karen's house in Grafton (central Massachusetts) that evening, about 15 hours from the time we left.  It was a surprise how chilly it was that night.  It was as if we'd driven right into fall.

The next day we picked up my sister Grace at Logan Airport.  She had graciously volunteered to come up and accompany us to Cape Cod to give us a hand with the girls and let us have some time to ourselves now and then.  It was funny because we were standing in baggage claim with our cranky kids, and when Grace appeared, I wanted to just flag her down right away.  But then I saw Tim start to smile, and I changed my mind, deciding maybe it was more fun to just watch her wander around looking for us.  That's what he's always done to me, and I guess we both have the same confused look on our faces.  He said to me, "Hmm, that reminds me of someone else I know."  I was like, "So, that's what I look like wandering around baggage claim.."  We're mean, aren't we?  Sorry, Grace.

For a couple days, we all just hung around catching up with family.  We packed up the car again on Saturday and drove two hours to Cape Cod.  We had such a fantastic week there!  Every day was like a dream.  The weather was perfect, 85 and sunny every day, not a cloud in the sky -- at least not until Hurricane Earl showed up and we left one day early.  The ocean was a little cooler than I'm used to, but not too cold to go out and float around in.  We had the best little house to stay in, owned by people who had young kids.  So they had a shed in the backyard with a cozy coupe, a wagon, and all kinds of beach gear in it.  There were three cute little bedrooms, plenty of books and games, and even a booster chair in a closet in the dining room.  All the details that are greatly appreciated when you're traveling with small children.  We'd brought a lot, but we couldn't bring everything!

The beach was a fifth of a mile away so we walked every day, at least twice.  Every afternoon while the girls were napping, Grace and I would walk down ourselves and lay out in the sun for at least two hours.  Tim does NOT like the beach in the heat of the day, and neither does his skin, so it worked out well for us all.  Sometimes we'd all walk into town, where there were places to eat, places to shop, and a nice little ice cream place we went to at least twice.  Almost every afternoon, Tim and I went running; and then, still sweaty, we'd play in the backyard with the girls.  After that, we'd eat plenty of breaded and fried seafood, sometimes out, but most often carryout at our dining room table.  We couldn't convince Grace to even take one single bite of any of it, much to our disappointment.  It was beef or chicken for her all week.  Stubborn girl!  Tim's parents came to visit for a couple days each.  We went on some excursions, including a seal-watching boat tour, and a kids' deep sea fishing trip (that was just Tim, Delaney and Grandpa).  Every day ended with more walks to the beach.  There's nothing like the smell of an ocean breeze and the feel of the sand under your bare feet.  I could go on and on about what a wonderful, peaceful, and relaxing vacation it was, but I will stop and leave you with these pictures.  It was really hard picking just these many.   And many thanks to Grace for taking such good photos of us!  The one or two photos of Grace you see here are the only ones we have of her at all.  She prefers not to be photographed.  Add that to her dislike of seafood, and the massive amount of space she took up in our car, and you have a real pain in the butt, haha! 

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  1. Haha...Conveniently there is always a babies head to block Grace's face in my pictures...