Sunday, September 19, 2010

Annalise at sixteen months

Our secondborn has a hard time deciding at any given moment whether she wants to be a baby or a "big kid" like Delaney. One minute she wants to be off exploring, with no help from Mama, thank you very much; and the next, she is whimpering and holding up her arms.  Sometimes, she'll whimper and hold up her arms, then squirm back down as soon as I pick her up.  She's very indecisive like that.  And she has an annoying habit of grabbing both my legs and trying to put her head up my butt while I'm working in the kitchen.  I think those cooking competitions on TV would be much more fun to watch if those chefs each had their own toddler clinging to them as they dash around.

She's going through a little bit of a moody phase again, spending most of her waking hours acting like she's ready for another nap.  Maybe it's a growth spurt coming on.  She still takes two naps a day, one in the morning around 8:30, and one in the afternoon around 1.  She'll probably have to miss that morning nap a couple times a week when Delaney starts preschool.  I remember that Delaney gave up her morning nap completely when she was 16 months, but Annie seems nowhere near ready.

She still only has six teeth, and she drools constantly and copiously, leading us to believe she'll get more at any time.  Tim can't wait until she gets molars; he's a nervous wreck watching her eat.  I want her to have molars too, but to a lesser extent.  I think most foods are easily broken down by saliva and gums, with lots of chewing.  We're not feeding her nuts or anything like that.  The problem is, she often doesn't take the time to chew properly, and that problem won't be solved by molars.  At the rate she's going, she might not even have molars until she's three!

Here are some other Annie-isms, in no particular order (as well as a video that I just felt like throwing in there because it's cute):

-- She loves to be tickled, and she loves to be chased.  She loves to be chased down and tickled.

-- When she's tired, she moves her mouth like she's nursing, and hurls her body around recklessly -- usually into somebody, but also sometimes into something, like wood furniture.

-- Whatever Delaney's having, you'd better have one for her too.  I have taken to making sure I put two bowls on the table simultaneously, or two sippy cups into their waiting hands.

-- She claps after I sing her a song.

-- She waves bye-bye by flapping her whole arm.

-- She yanks out the cute hair things I put in her hair.  That's why you see her in all these pictures with hair down to her eyes.

-- If you strip her down to her diaper, she will take the diaper off too, and almost certainly, pee on the floor before you can get it back on her.  I have it on video, but I've decided to heed my father-in-law's advice and not post it here.

We sure do love this girl!

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