Monday, April 19, 2010

Annalise at eleven months

I can't believe our sweet little baby is already this old, and next month I'll be writing about her first birthday!

She loves to climb, and she's happiest when I let her climb the stairs either at home, or on one of the jungle gyms around our neighborhood.  She squeals and giggles the whole way up.  She growls when I catch her on the stairs and put her down.  She tries to climb up Delaney's bookshelf too.  She would probably love a Gymboree class, but the nearest one is in Fredericksburg, so we won't be doing that.

Her favorite toy is anything she can push around the living room, on her feet or on her knees, whichever she prefers.  Lately, she's also taken a real interest in her Fisher Price "cookie" jar.  She takes the cookies out, puts them back in, puts the lid on the jar, then takes it back off.  She'll do that for several minutes at a time, and it's the only little toy that she really likes.  When she's playing with it, we make sure not to let Delaney swipe it from her.

She is such a piglet.  It was around the time that Tim left for Florida that I realized she now needed her own plate at meals.  It was no longer enough to let her have nibbles off mine.  She's voracious.  She eats her own half PB&J at lunch.  She eats a whole slice of pizza on Fridays.  She's a snackaholic.  She still nurses quite a bit too, so she's getting a lot of calories.  She just used the "more" sign for the first time, while we were eating out at a Mexican restaurant.  Usually, she just grunts and lunges forward with her mouth open, slapping her tray.  Or she snarls.  Not very polite.  We're working on that, though.

Once, I walked into the kitchen and was astonished to find her standing at the trash can eating a powdered donut I had thrown away that morning.  I snatched her up, saying, "No, no," and then looked at her face with the powder all over it and laughed and laughed.

First popsicle, and ouch!  It's cold!

She claps, waves and points now.  She doesn't say any words, but she's practicing all her consonant sounds all the time.  "Mamama," "Dadadada.."  Then again, she did say something to me once.  I had her on my hip while I was making dinner once, and she was looking at the food with interest.  Then she said, "Num-num."  Her favorite thing to do is stick her tongue out and blow raspberries.  If we're going somewhere in the car, she does it the whole way.  She thinks she's being funny.

For the past couple months she's been taking one morning and one afternoon nap.  When I take her to her room for a nap, she immediately slumps a little and becomes heavier in my arms.  Then she yawns and rubs her eyes.  She loves her sleep.  She's loving it more at night now too, thank goodness, and I don't want to jinx it, but right around the time Mom and Grace left, she started sleeping 12 hours a night.

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