Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The next contestant on "Plant Survivor: Brady House"

This morning I was thinking to myself, 'It would sure be nice to have something sitting on my baker's rack that wouldn't shatter into a million pieces if it fell, or crack someone's little skull.'  I had thought of this many times over the past couple of years, and had never come up with a good solution.  There's always the option of just putting the baker's rack in the garage.  But that would just make the room even emptier than it already is.  Not an option.  As of around 10 this morning, I had my diaper bag sitting on it.

Then, as I was doing my morning scan of (I check it every day because I never know what I might find), something caught my eye: one of my neighbors was selling houseplants.  I didn't know this person, but I just assumed she must be getting ready to move, like most people are around here.  I admired the pictures of her green leafy plants that had little vines trailing down from them, and decided that one or two of these would be gracing my baker's rack today.  I emailed her.

She told me that the plants I liked were called "pothos."  I Googled "pothos" and this is what I found out, among other things, from  "Pothos are an excellent plant for busy people, non-plant people, even for black thumbs."  I gasped in delight.  Right now I have two dead plants on my back patio.  Every plant knows that my house is death row.  But here is a plant that practically keeps itself alive, and it has found me online!  It's meant to be.

Reading on, I saw that "Pothos are very easy care plants.  Your biggest chore will be keeping the vines from taking over."  I also noted that this plant is "tolerant of low light conditions and erratic watering."  The writer of this article was basically telling me, "You are a flaming moron if you can't keep this plant alive."

When Annie woke up from her nap, I took the girls on a walk to pick up this hardy little plant, and doesn't she just look perfect there?

Another great thing about this plant, according to the article I read, is that it's "high on the list of plants that can help purify indoor air."  Who doesn't want purer air in their house?  One thing we do have to be careful about, however, is that the leaves are poisonous if ingested.  So I won't let the vines get too long, and I've told Delaney not to touch the plant, and to tell me if she sees her sister doing it.

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