Thursday, April 8, 2010

Delaney at two-and-three-quarters

Delaney thinks things through now, and I love watching her come to conclusions.

At the dinner table, Grandy said to her, "If you can eat all the food that's on your plate, I'll eat my hat."  Delaney said, "No, Grandy, you'll choke on your hat."

For several months now, she's known that she has brown eyes, Daddy has brown eyes, Annie has blue eyes, and Mama has... what?  "Purple!"  "Pink!"  "Yellow!"  Ask her what color Mama's eyes are, and it's a different answer every time.  She never has the correct answer, which is green.  The only reason she knows everyone else's eye color is because we talked about it a few times.  I don't know why she never remembers what color my eyes are.

Delaney has learned an important life lesson, and that is, paying me a compliment at just the right time will make me forget to be annoyed with her.  She likes to play on our bed while I'm up there putting away laundry, and I grudgingly allow her to play there sometimes.  I let her know I don't really like it.  She says, "Mama, I like your new flipflops."  I melt.

She is also learning how to help me in my forgetfulness.  I am so grateful for that.  Yesterday, we were about to leave the playground, when Delaney picked up my new water bottle and came running toward me, saying, "Mama, you forgot this!"

She loves to be noticed, to make new friends, and talk to them.  Pushing the girls around in a cart at the commissary, I found myself beside a woman and her teenage son.  The woman commented about how cute Delaney was, sitting in the back of the cart, and her son smiled at her.  Delighted to have their attention, Delaney began telling them about what was in our cart.  "This is orange juice.  These are grapes."  Holding up a bottle of detangling spray, she said, "This is for my tangles."  She talks my ear off all day long, and it gets a little irritating sometimes, but hearing her make conversation with these people made me want to squeeze her.

She loves to be the helper.  Tim has been letting her help make pizza for several months.  The other night she pushed both our recycling bins up our driveway to the garage.  I let her know I really appreciated that.

She's doing well with the potty.  She is still in undies all day except for naptime and bedtime.  She's only had just two wetting accidents since her last update.  Both of those were under rather unusual circumstances, like at Easter dinner, when she drank three Capri Suns in two hours, and I wasn't monitoring her closely enough.  Number 2 is still the iffy one.  She'll do it in the potty if she has to go while she's up, but she's just as likely to do it in her diaper during her nap.

Delaney was sick for about three days this month, with a fever -- similar to what Annie had a couple weeks before that.  It made us sad to see her lying around, so listless, especially on a sunny day, when she'd normally want to play.  She didn't want to eat or drink, and that was a little scary.  We'd never seen her like that before.  Just when I was ready to take her to the doctor, she got better.  It was a relief to have her back to running circles around us and firing off requests faster than we could keep up with them.  Tim said to me, "Didn't you miss that?"  Sigh.

Here she is snuggling with Daddy when she wasn't feeling well.

I couldn't remember the last time I had snapped such a picture of the two of them, so I had to look in my archives.  She's four days old in that picture!
One last thing -- I am filling out a registration form for Delaney to go to preschool two days a week, beginning October 1, in Havelock, NC.  Yes, we finally received orders, and we are going to Cherry Point in September.  You might remember that I was complaining about that several weeks ago.   It's good to finally know!  

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