Monday, October 19, 2009

Annalise update: 5 months

I have never done monthly updates before on either of the kids. Usually, the updates coincide with doctor checkups, and I've used those as milestones. But they change so much faster than that, and I decided first to do monthly updates for Annalise since she's an infant, and infants grow and change so quickly. Then I decided, why not do it for Delaney too? Better late than never. At some point later on, these days are going to be hazy memories for me. So I'd better start recording things!

Today Annalise is five months old. I got on the scale with her the other day, and she weighed 17 pounds. She wears size 6-9 clothes, and size 3 diapers. She sits up with support from the Boppy, and is getting stronger and more balanced all the time. She does a mini-pushup while on her belly, and she tries to move her knees under her as if to crawl. She rolls over from belly to back, but not often. She can almost roll over back to belly, as in her whole body except for her her head and one shoulder. Weird, I know.

She is mostly a contented baby, happy to lie in her activity gym, play with her toys and her toes, and watch her sister run around. I have to go to another room to nurse her, because as long as Delaney's up and about, all little sissy wants to do is follow her around with her eyes. She swivels her head 180 degrees when Delaney runs by. She still loves her Exersaucer, which allows her to swivel her whole body, and surrounds her with toys. Best $20 I ever spent!

Hand her a toy, and it goes straight to her mouth. Today, I handed her a little noisemaker at the base library's storytime, and I had to stop her from mouthing it. I try not to be too hyper about germs, but it is flu season, after all. She drools incessantly, and sucks on her fingers a lot. Last night, it was hard getting her to bed, and I suspect teething as the culprit. She's constantly mouthing her hands.

Lately her eating schedule has been a little out of whack. On average, I'd say she still nurses about every two hours. But sometimes she'll go five or six hours between feedings, and then cluster up in the evenings. It depends a lot on our activities during the day. The busier we are, the less likely she is to want to take time to nurse. The days of her blissful oblivion during mealtimes are definitely over, as she gets more interested in the world around her.

Night time has been a little unpredictable these past few weeks too. She used to sleep like a log 10 to 12 hours a night, but now she'll typically wake up once, anywhere between 2 and 6. And like I said, last night, she had some trouble going down. She was tired, then woke up for whatever reason, then was overtired, and it ended up taking a few tries before she was down for the night. But I know things could be a lot worse!

Sometimes, I can get her to giggle or laugh by pretending to eat her belly or neck; or lately, even just by looking at her and laughing. She babbles now, and it's the most adorable thing. When she's done nursing, she'll just look up at me and babble as if she's telling me a story.

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