Thursday, September 17, 2015

28 weeks

12 weeks to go! I am so glad to be entering the third trimester, the time when it starts to really sink in that soon we'll be seeing and holding this newest member of our family. I am eager for that, but reminding myself that this is also the time I really need to savor because for such a long time I waited to go through pregnancy again. And it's been great to me.

I'm still feeling really good, with very little in the way of aches and pains. I have been trying to keep up the habit of walking and yoga a few times a week each. Even better would be to do both every single day, but I can never seem to get around to doing both every day. The best time for walking is in the morning right after the kids get on the bus and I eat my breakfast. So as long as I have nowhere else to be, that's when I do that. Yoga is wherever I can fit it in. I have plenty of  time, but I'm not always the best at managing it.

I saw my midwife last week and I weighed 131. My latest Babycenter update tells me that I'll gain a pound a week from here on out, and that sounds like a good estimate since I weighed 145 when I had Timmy, and 150 by the time I had each of the girls.

During her examination, she found that this little boy is head down, and that's good. I'm starting to feel his feet in my ribs since my torso is so short. His movements are now starting to make me uncomfortable at times, because now I'm feeling his bony body parts sticking out here and there. The worst is when I'm trying to go to sleep at night because that's his favorite time to start up.

We made our first large baby gear purchase a few weeks ago -- a travel system I found on Bookoo. For those who don't know, travel system refers to stroller, carseat and base for the carseat. That's a start! Delaney has practiced picking it up and moving around, telling me, "I just know you're going to tell me to pick the baby up and bring him over here.." And then she grunts as she hefts it around. I say, "You think it's heavy now? Just wait till there's a baby in it!" Lugging the carseat with the baby in it will not be one of the tasks I give to my 50-pound eight-year-old. But she shouldn't worry because there are plenty of other things I can still ask of her.

The temperatures are dipping ever so slightly now that we're over halfway through September. I've started making some use of my fall and winter wardrobe (including my Stitch Fix maternity leggings because they are the best!) even though that might be jumping the gun a little since it is still in the 80s most days. I don't care because the calendar says it's fall and I'm done trying to squeeze into shorts. As soon as I go back in my house, all my put-together fall attire goes flying off, and I'm back in my t-shirts and running shorts or yoga pants. A few mornings ago, it was in the 60s when the kids left for school, and it was such a festive atmosphere at the bus stop. People in the south long for fall the way people in the north long for spring.

That about does it for this update! I'll probably do this again in four weeks.

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