Saturday, July 13, 2013

A visit from Grace

We had the best week with my sister Grace visiting.  She got here on the 5th and left yesterday morning.
Grace and I, June 1990
Grace is the fourth of the five of us siblings.  She was born a few days before my 11th birthday.  She was the most difficult baby our mother ever had.  I remember walking around the house jiggling her in my arms so Mom could shower in peace.  I had to carry her facing out lest she have to look at anyone besides Mom.  She needed constant attention, constant motion, and was up all night too.  She was the only one of us to be "Ferberized" at around eight months.  I'm pretty sure it was about that time that her personality changed dramatically.  Her fussiness was replaced by curiosity and contentment, and was such a fun baby sister with those smiling brown eyes.  As she got older, Grace was (and still is) the kid who would help you find the thing you lost, paint your toenails (and let you change your mind a thousand times about what color you want), remove a splinter from your hand, or just keep you company.  She's always been the sibling who reminds me the most of myself, both in looks and mannerisms.  We also have the same dorky sense of humor -- we once both died laughing in the drive-through at Dunkin Donuts after I asked for a "small order of munchkins".  Hope we didn't disturb the neighbors with our cackling on the back porch at night.

Grace has so much going on in her life now -- helping Sophie with Damien, one semester of nursing school to go, waiting tables at Skyline, and trying to make time for the man in her life.  I was so glad to be able to steal her away for a week during her break from school to help me out and to just have fun with us.  We did our usual things we do when family visits, like Cow Cafe, walking around downtown, going to the playground.. We celebrated Delaney's birthday with a "friend" birthday party at the pool on Saturday, and then again just by ourselves on Monday which was Delaney's actual birthday.  We went to the beach a couple times.  I took her to my group fitness classes at the Y, which included PiYo on Tuesday and Thursday.  It was so awesome to have Grace right next to me during my favorite workout, but you'd better believe I avoided meeting her eyes in the mirror.  If we'd started cracking up, we'd have ruined the whole thing for everybody (not to mention we might have hurt ourselves!).  After our classes, we'd spend the rest of the morning at the pool.  When we weren't out and about, she did so much for me at home.  She cleaned the kitchen after meals, mopped the kitchen floor, washed my car, and even did a couple loads of laundry.  She really spoiled me.

Here are some of the many photos we took throughout the week.  I hope it won't be too long before we see her again.
Making popsicle stick puzzles with Delaney
From my point of view, Delaney's party was a debacle.  But from Delaney's it was a lot of fun, and that's what matters.  
Delaney found it much more fun to count out six birthday candles than to use the '6' candle.

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